Questions, Questions Questions... Round 2! this coming week I along with some others will be sitting listening to and asking questions of Larry Riley and Robert Rowell in person...

I can see another late night 3 hour review coming on again..... ;)

So, I have a few questions in mind already, but wanted to get some questions from you guys to understand some of the key concerns the GSOM fanbase has for the coming season and WHAT the FO intends to do about it...

The one thing that "I Believe" is that we are already seeing the promotions starting with the first four games of the season in the lower level for $70!... This alone is extremely telling about the quantum drop in ticket sales, especially in light of more and more stories of season tickets holders who have signed up for this year, considering their options to know get out of their tickets now before they may be worth less than half face value come January...

While some in the FO seem to be painting a bright picture....the storm clouds are gathering.....was that Thunder I just heard... oh no wait...our FO dumped his poor backside in China..

The question most want to know in my personal opinion is "what is the gameplan?" WHERE IS THIS BALL CLUB GOING??? is 2010/2011 the big season for GSW? this year about bringing in some vets to help raise our rookies game and "hope" to reach the playoffs with a committment to use the expiring contracts and if need be SPEND MONEY to bring a couple of big names to the bay area to complement our seasoned young guns then and thus have a potential championship team for the 2010/2011 Season???

If 2010/2011 is going to be the big year.....IS this going to be the season where GSW completely changes it's image? New logo's, etc etc.?

Another question may be.... "Do we actually want a player taking a slot in the team, who has stated he does not want to BE in the team?" Bench him? Trade him? Or simply kick his backside and tell him to get on with what he is paid to do?

The one thing I have accused this FO of most, is the cloak and dagger, smoke and mirrors crap, that goes on. It is time for some refreshing honesty....and no Robert....that does not mean telling your STH's they got screwed, I trust you now have a screen saver that flashes up "Do not tell season ticket holders they got screwed, it does not help next years sales..."

The one thing they have responded to and I applaud them for this, is increasing the  website interaction with it's fanbase...HOWEVER....the marketing department is still falling WOEFULLY short.....

There seems to be distinct lack of understanding about what STH's want.... This could be easily solved, and yet the people who clearly do not have the talent in their current positions of marketing, clearly dont know what this is and so they look to pick bits of data from fans, which they probably then pass off as their own in FO meetings as a great new idea. CUT THE CRAP.... create a STH "council" for want of a better word....allow this group to meet with the FO once a month and allow them to put forward ideas and solutions to the marketing department and or the a bridge between the fans and the FO that is not TAINTED by journalistic motives.

So...there is much to hear.....much to discuss....throw me your thoughts below and I will try to formulate another review of the session covering the key areas of interest that YOU want to hear about....



This FanPost is a submission from a member of the mighty Golden State of Mind community. While we're all here to throw up that W, these words do not necessarily reflect the views of the GSoM Crew. Still, chances are the preceding post is Unstoppable Baby!

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