Golden State Warriors: A League of their own.

Okay well its been a long time since i've posted anyhting on GSOM. Last time i posted something was probably last year. Also i would like to say i love how people last year bashed on my post about Corey Maggette being an X-Factor to our team this year. =] welp. Anyways before i start writing i just want to say this post is not meant to bash on our Warriors at all. I love them to death. i have since I was a little kid.

Well the reason why i called this post "Golden State Warriors: A League of their own" is because [im not saying it is a bad thing but] the warriors seem to have called up soo many people up from the Dleague. I would always joke with my family and friends about how...

-First a baller starts as a child.

-The he goes through highschool. If hes lucky he ends up in the draft.

-Other that that he either goes to College or Europe.

-Then he enters the draft.

-Say the player doesn't get drafted by any team, but still feels like playing but not in Europe. He enters the NBA D-League.

This is where it gets interesting.

-After doing well in the D-league. A player goes to the Warriors =] 

Now to my point about us being a league of our own. Honestly I love every single player we have ever called up from the Dleague. I just think it is amazing how we develope them. Seeing that we are always getting injuries left and right. This gives every person we get from the Dleague a chance to go out on the court and get experience. Bascially what im trying to get across is that the players we called up get a lot of PT, and it really developes them into great players. Its like we call them up from the Dleague then get them NBA ready.

I mean did we really expect Kelenna Azubuike to be as great as a player that he turned out to be? If he didnt get injured he would be a huge help to the team. CJ watson to me is a solid back up point. I love how his tattoo says quiet storm also because it really decribes him. If he signed with the magics that would have been a big help on their part. Im a fan on Chris Hunter he been a huge help, and you can see the fire in his game when he plays. Cartier Martin has been playing a good amount of minutes latley and he is really showing up. Good Pick up Dubs. And We'll see about Tolliver. And we cant forget about Anthony Morrow [who wasnt from the Dleague] but did we ever imagine that he would score 37 points his first time playing in a warriors Jersey? He's been doing work and the future is bright for him.

Overall i guess this post is just a praise about our former Dleaguers. But think about it they got a lot better on the Warriors. I mean if they were on the Lakers they would see little to no PT and would probly just wanna go back to the Dleague.

Well thats the end of my post, but as my last remark...

[This might be a little bit of favoritism but]

Dont we just miss Marco Belinelli now?



Devean George Really?

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