It's evident we have one of the best backcourts in the NBA...but

What more could we ask for from our starting back court?

Stephen Curry - May be on his way to obtaining the rookie of the year award if he can keep playing the way he has been lately. Currently, I believe he's the runner up for ROY. is all over him, ESPN is all over him, GSOM is all over him... The dude can flat out play! He has great composure and really looks under control at all times besides the times when he gets hung up in the air and makes a bad pass but even Monta still does that. He can shoot from anywhere on the court as well as pass from anywhere on the court. The golden boy will surely impress us for years to come. Nellys molding him into a little Steph Nasshty. Yay!

Monta Ellis - All star caliber. That alone should be enough to describe Monta. It's been a pleasure to watch Monta turn into a rising star and it's really still his first year becoming the focal point of the opposing teams scouting report. So far he's been unstoppable and it's still his first year as the leader of a high scoring team. Next year will be so much easier for him as he'll know what to expect and he'll watch tape to counter the opposing teams traps. All Monta needs is another all star big to really open up possibilities.

Corey Maggette - Probably the most efficient SF in the league - stats wise (fg%, ft%, amount of ft's etc.) Maggs has been unbelievable lately. Seriously!! Who would have known he'd be this good?! He's having the best year of his career and has overcame the thousands of Boo's at Oracle Arena! That is just CRAZY! EVERY player that we Boo'd has wanted to run for the door crying and have nothing to do with our team but Maggs came out saying he doesn't understand it and wants to be a part of this drama queen team. He looks so much under control now and can literally get points at will. Who wouldn't want this guy to be part of your team? He's such a hustler and I love it when he smirks when he knows he got the best out of the other team from pure hustle, wits, and determination.

Clearly, there is nothing wrong with our starting back court. I would say they compliment each other very well and can compete with the best of the best. Our problem lies within our front court. Yes, they're all banged up and we never really had a chance to fairly evaluate them all together. But, to me, it's clear that for in order for our high octane offensive team to be successful, we're going to need another high scoring big man. I know we'd all like to have someone that can play defense/rebound/pass/shoot 60% from the field...(Nene, drool) don't know where you can find too many of those but as of this moment none of our bigs can adequately do this.

So is Randolph going to turn into that scoring beast we all need him to become? Maybe... What about Brandon Wright? Maybe... Can they both play defense and block shots? Yes! Without a doubt. What about Andris Biedrins  =) ? Nope! He's never going to be the scorer we need down low but he sure does bring the things that are needed to win games. Block shots / Rebound /  look good in a suit ... what else does he do? Oh I think that's it. So is Andris our problem? I think so!

For Nelly's teams to be successful, there has to be a scoring big man. Hence the reason why he plays everyone out of position because he needs to have a scoring big man. What if we actually had a scoring big man that plays at their natural position and can take so much pressure off of our back court? We'd be a pretty darn good team and do I dare say it? a "complete" team if we obtained a high scoring big man that could possibly be the focal point of the opposing teams defense. We already have an unstoppable backcourt so why not get an unstoppable big man that will compliment them?

So how do we do it? Bye Bye Biedrins and our expiring contracts. Flame me all you want, but to me, it's evident that Andris is our problem. Our starting $55mil big man that doesn't play in the 4th quarter is our problem. The same one that is also injury prone and soft around the rim and would rather lay it in than dunk it because he's scared to shoot free throws. The same one that hears cheers every time he shoots free throws which probably makes him more nervous. Sorry Biedrins, I love your game but you just don't fit the mold of Nelly's type of big and it hurts the teams chemistry so much. If your scared to lose our beloved Biedrins and what he brings, we'll still always have Turiaf and we can bench Randolph or Wright to make room for the 4 spot. Turiaf has been gaining more respect from Nelly lately anyways.

I'm not trying to link a certain player that we need to trade for but rather I'm trying to say we need a scoring big man, period. I hope you guys can see that's what were really lacking and that all of the elite teams have a scoring big man... But, there are a few scoring big mans that I can think of =)

This FanPost is a submission from a member of the mighty Golden State of Mind community. While we're all here to throw up that W, these words do not necessarily reflect the views of the GSoM Crew. Still, chances are the preceding post is Unstoppable Baby!

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