GSOM group project. Draft scouting

Rec the post so we can keep this project up as much as possible, credits go to tafaksam (spelling?)


I had an idea for a GSoM project.  I thought it would be best to start this now, it's mid-december and college basketball conference play starts in January.  We know the Warriors are lottery bound again.  So how does everyone feel about picking 1 player (you can pick 2 if you are overzealous).  You're responsible for watching some games of theres, then towards end of year, we can each publish our own scouting reports.  We all know by march it'll be the main topic of discussion


I'm gonna list the top 15 or so prospects.  People can comment on who they want.  Pick a player you're likely to watch.  IE if you go to a Big 10 school it'd b really cool if you picked a big 10 player cause you're more likely to get maximum exposure to them.  I left out internationals, but if you live in a foreign country or can watch them.  By all means, tell me and that'd be great!


1. John Wall- UK, Fr. -Consensus #1 pick.  No explanation needed

2. Derrick Favors- Georgia Tech, Fr. - Super Athletic power forward who often gets Josh Smith/Amare comparisons

3. Evan Turner- Ohio State, Jr. - The jack of all trades in this draft.  Plays PG on offense, PF on defense, but can he do it at NBA level?

4. Cole Aldrich, Kansas Jr.- Best Center in draft.  Can bang and rebound

4. Willie Warren- Oklahoma, So. - Possible best shooter in draft.  Undersized 2 who is a lot like Ben Gordon

5. Ed Davis- North Carolina So.-  Hard working Power Forward, who seems to be more of a team guy than individual playmaker

6. Al Farouq Aminu- Wake Forrest, So.- Forward Tweener with a mess of potential

7. Patrick Patterson- Kentucky, Jr- Super athletic undersized 4 who seems to be expanding his range

8. Wesley Johnson, Syracuse, Sr. - SF who can SHOOT and is athletic, might be best NBA SF prospect

9. Xavier Henry, Kansas, Fr.- Shooting Guard who can shoot and plays very good defense

10. Stanley Robinson- Conneticutt, Sr. Another Tweener with very good athletism and a defender

11. Devin Ebanks, West Virginia So.- Small foward I honestly don't know much about

12. Solomon Alabi- Florida St. So.- Could become an awesome defensive presense inside

13. Greg Monroe- Georgetown, So.- Best passing big with a ridiculous amount of potential

14. Craig Brackins- Iowa St. Jr.- A 6-10 PF/C who can shoot (ssshhh don't tell nellie!)

15. Kyle Singler- Duke Jr.- uh oh a dukie!  But really could be a young grant hill type... or dunleavey

16. Avery Bradley- Texas, Fr.- Insanely quick, unsure if he'll declare but if he does he is considered top 15, a lot like Monta

17. Arnett Moultrie- UTEP, So- A PF with good post defense

18. DeMarcus Cousin- Kentucky, Fr.Another big with ALOT of potential.  Should get alot of exposure playing with J.Wall

19. Larry Sander- VCU,JR.- Athletic big with a lot of upside that can do a bit of everything

20.Damion James - Texas, SR. - Quick wing scorer and dominates games on both ends

21.Hassan Whiteside - Marshall, FR. - Long athletic center that reaks havoc on defense with a good jumper

22.Gani Lawal - GT, JR - Very athletic 4 with a huge motor


Are there any other top prospects we want to scout????  Since I get first pick, I'll refrain from obvious and go with Ed Davis.  I like UNC's style of play and ESPN shows them enough I can write an informed peice

TafkaSam- Ed Davis

BoJangles408- Evan Turner

Dubzfan- Wesley Johnson, Hassan Whiteside

The Dedication- Stanley Robinson

Cap'n Hack- Greg Monroe

Sam23-Cole Adrich

Zorgon- Willie Warren

NHlogan- Derrick Favors

SPENCEMAN- Xavier Henry

ejdacanay- John Wall, Patrick Patterson

since1972 – Demarcus Cousins

monta.da.boss - Donatas

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