Shifting Sands....

With the entry to a new decade, the Golden State Warriors have some serious thinking to do with regards to who they want to keep and who they want to let go...

In the last two months my personal feelings towards two players have changed drastically, namely Maggette and Biedrins...

CM has been the contract we have been looking to get rid of since a certain person was in panic/blindflap mode, following Baron's departure. BUT...... no one can deny Corey's effort for the Warriors so far this year. His numbers have improved significantly, his distribution has increased significantly, he is clearly having an effect with Monta which came at a critcal time when it seemed the team was destined to implode... he has increased his defensive hustle and in short, has carried this team along with Monta in many games this year...

That alone deserves some recognition and support and if he continues to play at this level, I would like nothing more than for Maggette to remain a Warrior as possibly the best 6th man in the league for the number 3 position behind Buike next year..(I thought this might just have been a break-out year for Buike dammit...)

Flip now to Andris Biedrins...I know many absolutely love the number of rebounds he 'used' to get..but it is clear the guy is possibly a little 'brittle' for want of a better word and where I hoped and expected to see him come back with some form of explosive impact with apparent zest and energy... I watch a slightly gawky guy barely jogging up and down the court to get into position... While I appreciate he is never going to be a great 100 metres sprinter, it's not a good sign when Ronny Turiaf seems to be showing more effort to run up and down the court?

Granted he is coming back from injury, where yes I will agree anyone will look rusty... but he doesnt just look rusty... he looks 'knackered' as we would say here in the UK! Which I cannot get my head around right now as to why? His fitness at the very least, should be pretty high right now.... He also seems slightly 'meh' or too relaxed in his attitude right now judging by his interviews, where you see a focus and determination from the likes of Monta, Maggette, etc..Andris is laughing and joking and does not seem to have many cares in the world? Again...that may just be the guy's personality which is great if it is...but I would like to see a little more... "Yes I know we are in the doo doo right now, but I am going to do all I can" type of thing...

Therefore I ask the question...."Is Biedrins ever going to be a key franchise player for the Warriors?"...if not...due to the relative value he generated in past seasons performances and perceived future Biedrins a more valuable trade piece currently to the Warriors than Maggette for example? While I dont liek the contract of Maggette, I certainly dont want to see us get anyone less productive for the team in place of him...

For me, I see the GSW players with us next year as:

Ellis, Randolph, Curry, Morrow, Buike, Wright, Turiaf and probably Magette, possibly Bell.

Which means we may see trades occur with Biedrins, Radmanovich, CJ, Claxton, George, Moore. (I assume we wont keep Hunter, although I actually hope we keep him and gradually work him into a solid Centre back-up)...

If we were to lose said players and bring in a couple of players maybe a Bosh/Wallace, another useful defensive big and a couple of young bigs/swingmen and maybe keep CJ if we can afford to?

I dont think we lose anything from a rebounding perspective by losing Beans, as the Turiaf-Randolph, or Turiaf-Wright, Bosh-Wright, types of combo take that role... It is also pretty fair to state that Biedrins does not really have a jump shot to speak of, and his free throw..well...possibly the ugliest thing to ever grace a FTL... I have also become increasingly frustrated at the guys complete lack of ability to box out and get hard body contact on opposing teams bigs...

So much as I didnt think I would say this over a year ago... I think I would actually prefer to keep Maggette now rather than Biedrins and hope that we can get some good value for Biedrins with maybe the number one pick, with the 'Radman allstars' as a second package to a team looking for the expiring contracts? in return for a useful, experienced big/swingman?

Does anyone else feel Maggette has played himself into a long term role here at GSW? and maybe Biedrins is not going to be the player we hoped he was going to be?

I thought these two players dserved some focus and discussion....

Over to you GSOM sages of wisdom...





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