RECAP: Warriors 107, Timberwolves 101 - Lucky #10

GSOM Night 8: Submit a Question for Anthony Morrow - GO HANDLE THAT NOW!



When I grow up, I want tats just like that.

Warriors vs Timberwolves boxscore | Open Thread | Warriors Web Links

Warriors vs Timberwolves coverage | Canis Hoopus

Check out this quote from the AP Recap

So Monta, are you tired yet?

"Nope," Ellis replied with a shrug.  "Not really."

Man, I love Nellie's ways.  Monta played 83 out a possible 96 minutes in the last 48 hours.  I love that stat.  Great number.  It's like Nellie has to pick one guy to average 40 minutes a game all season a la Stephen Jackson last year (I know it's blasphemy to talk about him).  

But no, let's talk criticize.  Let's not talk about the negativities today.  Let's talk about our 10 wins.  

Yes, we made it two double digits.  Say it with me now.  1....2....3....


Want some recap?  

Simple game.  We should have won.  We gave up a big lead when the TWolves figured out we couldn't stop their front court.  We pulled it out.  We won.  Yippeee!!

Want some more recap?

Go find that on the links posted on Warriors Web Links.  I'm gonna give you something more fun to celebrate the 10 wins.  

I bring you

TOP 10 Warriors Pictures of 2009-2010!  (So far...)


10. His girlfriend must love this.  


9. Look ma, I can dance!


8. Thriller - Curry Edition


7. Yo Nellie - if you let us rig the game, we'll give a 30 pack of Bud Light.


6. Anthony Randolph's Pull up Routine


5. I forgot something.


4. Warriors defense.


3. Radman's gotta baby.


2. Gotta keep ya head up.


1. The shot heard round the Bay.


Don't like how I ended that?  That's ok.  I'm sure you don't like this season either.  

Yes, we won but we won against a team that's worse than us!  What's the big deal?  What are you trying to celebrate here?  10 wins?   10 wins by early January?  Are you kidding me?  ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

There ain't nothing to celebrate here foiks...


Corey Maggette.  NO doubt.  I'll take his 28 points and absolute professionalism any day.  








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