Warriors Preseason Game Links: Golden State Warriors 95 vs Sacramento Kings 86 - See no game, hear no game, we had fun anyway

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I might as well get into the swing of things and create the first post game links of the season. With no TV and no radio coverage, don't expect much out of this post game links post. If you saw the game live, please drop your observations.

SBNation blogs

Warriors: Golden State of Mind
Recap: To be added: Title
Game thread: Preseason GameThread #2: Sacramento Kings @ Golden State Warriors - The Real (preseason) Kings of Cali (570+ comments)

Kings: Sactown Royalty
Recap: Warriors 95, Kings 86: Box Score Breakdown
Game thread: Game Thread: Kings at Warriors, Preseason Game 3


Associated Press recap: Newcomer Lee boosts Warriors past Kings

Pregame News

- No pregame news found.

Pregame Videos

- No pregame videos found.

Postgame News

- Matt Steinmetz's player by player analysis from preseason game 2.
Matt Steinmetz: Warriors Preseason Player Analysis -- Game 2

- Lee helped out on the front line defense, Smart praises Udoh for being a good student, and other notes.
Marcus Thompson II: David Lee proving he's worth money to Warriors

Postgame Videos

Recap and highlights from nba.com's game page:
nba.com: Curry to Wright
nba.com: Curry Cruising
nba.com: Wright to Lee
nba.com: Alley-oop
nba.com: High Flying
nba.com: Game recap

Postgame Quotes from warriors.com recap

Keith Smart
On Tonight's Game:
"We talked about just trying to work on what we need to do, and then still try and find the right mix to complement our starters. As we move through the preseason then move through the regular season, if they can play at a nice high level from both sides of the ball and keep us in games and find that bench that can kind of play and make plays to either keep us even, or keep us up, that’s what I’m searching for. Searching for guys that you can trust when we start getting deep into a season that you know that, he or the group, are going to give you something that you can trust every night when you go on the road, first on the defensive side to eventually just playing good basketball overall."

On Jeff Adrien:
"Well you look for players, guys who are coming in and trying to make a team and they have to do something to standout because they can‘t take a job from a starter, and they can’t take a job from someone who is contracted. So what they have to focus on is what can I do, and he’s asked that question. ‘What else must I do?’ And I said all you need to do is run and rebound and everything else will come out and work on your little elbow jumpshot. You give him a plan and he has followed through. But you know he has a good pedigree, he’s had good solid training and he’s a pro as a young player."
Dorell Wright
On His Performance:
"I felt good out there. Our main thing is to get stops on the defensive end. I am happy when we get stops like that and holding teams to a low shooting percentage. When you hold a team to 34 percent shooting you can’t beat that, you’re going to win a lot of games when you make an opponent shoot that low. I was really more impressed with that. When we play defense and you get long rebounds like that especially playing with these two little guys (Monta Ellis and Stephen Curry) there’s going to be a lot of easy buckets for me."
Jeff Adrien
On Tonight's Game:
"We played good. We started off a little slow but we picked up. You could see what happened when we came out to start the third quarter and we went on that run. We are just playing great basketball. Whenever we move the ball it’s a lot easier, teams can’t guard that kind of basketball when the ball is moving and screens are coming, its too much."

On His Performance:
"There were a couple more rebounds I could have got. Coach definitely knows there was a couple I could have got. I just try to give effort everyday, day in day out. Whatever it is, if it’s the weight room, video room or court I try to give a non stop effort."

On His Chances Of Making The Team:
"Even being the 15th guy you don’t know how much time you will get in the game but at least in practice you can bring it every day, day in and day out. That’s what I try to do. I might not bring in 15 rebounds every night but I will give effort. You can count on me for that."

On Coach Smart's Expectations:
"He wants me to crash the boards. He seen me knock down the mid range jumper but wants me to get better at it. I am always the type of guy where I take good notes from coach and I will work on it. So I’ve been just trying to work on my jumpshot with Coach Price."

Interesting Tweets

(after the game)
gswscribe: Smart blames himself for Lin debacle. Put Lin in game at a bad time, when intensity was up and pace was too fast. "I gave in to the urge."
(the next morning)
MSteinmetzCSN: Warriors waive Vernon Goodridge. Roster now stands at 16. #NBA #GSW
MSteinmetzCSN: He did. But Adrien was better. RT @JeffRScott: @MSteinmetzCSN I was there last night and thought Goodridge looked decent


- Keith Smart praised Ekpe Udoh for being a good student: studying film, paying attention, joining the huddles.
- Vernon Goodridge was waived by the Warriors the next morning.

What's next?

- Preseason continues as the Warriors face the Kings again on Tuesday at Arco Arena. Radio coverage will be KNBR 680.

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