The view from LA (game 7) late last night

I had the opportunity to watch the entire game against the Lakers late last night, thanks to the wonder drug that is Tivo. I was kind of falling asleep, but here are a few things I noticed:

1. Take anything from this with a grain of salt - it is still pre-season, and Kobe was not playing. 

2. The dubs really looked like boys playing against men vs. the Lakers. 

3. On the plus side, we have some people who know how to play the game. 

(There should be a jump here, but I have no idea how to get it back)

4. Lee with some nice post moves. He's got Ronny Turiaf's heart, plus skill, minus (know on wood) injuries. I am going to have a very hard time justifying not dropping big money on a Lee jersey. I was kind of thinking early on that he was just Troy Murphy + Charisma, but he's got something more than that. I like. 

5. Biedrins with some nifty inside passes. A reliable hook-shot. Some decent rebounding. And hopefully a case of Budweiser as a thank you gift from Pau for making the Spaniard look like an all-world offensive player. 

6. Curry looking like a PG - the turnovers were there, but few if any were horrible. The Lakers announcers were giving him a lot of respect, outside the comments that he looks like a 12 year old. Which he does. 

He was in a lot of pain when he turned his ankle. On the plus side, it did not look too severe, but I am worried that it may have been the dread "high ankle" sprain. More coverage of this issue would be nice. Are there any actual reporters that follow the Warriors who can, you know, make some calls in and look into this kind of thing? 

7, Adrian rebounded like a beast, but it was late in a preseason game, so he may have been the only player with any real motivation to go after the ball. I wish we could give him a 10 day contract or two to start the season, but at any rate, I think he can absolutely play against the back-ups of this league, so worth keeping as a #15. 

8. I'm surprised nobody has commented on this, but Radman got the start at the three. He didn't look great, but I actually think I like the move. The second unit needs some firepower, and I feel like D Wright gets a little lost behind the games of both Curry and Ellis. Also, Radman is one of the few warriors that looks like he belongs in a man's league, and unlike the rest of this team, his defense is merely awful. That said, I am delighted that his contract is an expiring one. 

9. Lin didn't look half bad. For a Rookie. That said, he clearly knows how to play, and I like his reckless abandon on D, which led to some nice takeaways. Overall, though, he's gonna need a little seasoning before he is consistently posting positive numbers in the +/- column. Also, it would be good if he could earn a little respect for his outside shot, but he may have to try taking a few to get that going. I am very much for keeping him on the roster and letting him develop, especially on the road, away from the pressure at home. In my humble (and frankly amateur) opinion, his hoops skills are worth keeping around to keep the feel good story alive. 

9.5. Damn, i wish we could have landed Steve Blake

10. Monta has by all accounts had a good preseason, but it did not look it this time around. Pretty much a shorter, quicker Correy Maggette, less the bit where Corey gets to the line. He did get wistled for 3 fouls in the opening two minutes (!!), at least one of them a bad call, so I can understand if he was not on his game. Nontheless, I'd like to see him get better at handling adversity. Maybe they can put his wife in every now and then... Arrest Kobe for driving too fast, Paul for stealing, etc. etc. 

11. Gadzuric - the big guy is a bruiser that we need - he bloodied Odom's nose with out even trying. Sent him to the locker room in the 2nd. But if you watch carefully on your TV, you can actually see the ball turn into a brick as soon as he touches it. 

12. I dunno. I'm really no expert, but I kind of like B Wright and what he brings off the bench. How many NBA games has this guy played? Fewer that Curry? Hm. Curious to see where he goes, but I am not putting any emotional eggs in this particular basket until he stays healthy for a month or three. Let's give him a little time to start trusting that shoulder again. I can help but feel like we will be glad we did. 

13. R Williams. I know he played. I remember seeing a 55 on the floor. I remember some missed shots. In my defense, I had had a long day, but still, not a memorable performance. 

14. R Carney. That's who I forget to mention. Can't imagine why. 

D Wright and Radman shared a point, so that is all 15. Wait, no it's not. 

Bad math - I started with the players on #4. Sorry, long time listener, first time poster.  

15. Admundson, still injured, Bell, I don't think he played, if he did I was napping, Udoh still out. 

Generally, I hate to say it, but we played pretty well when Monta was *not* in the game. I am gonna watch him again tonight (especially in Curry's likely absence), but I am close to wondering if that house in Memphis should come in handy sometime this year... Which sucks, because I love the kid and watching him play. 

I also have to wonder if there is anybody on another team's bubble late in the preseason that Riley has on speed dial - can anybody think of any candidates?

Let's face it. We are going to be pretty mediocre this year, but at least this time we are doing it with an even bigger young core (Curry, Ellis, Lee, Beans, DWight, BWright, RWilliams, Lin, Udoh (eventually), Amundson, Adrien (maybe), and, uh...right - Carney) that can only get better with time. We have some decent sized expirings. This coming year, we'll have one last lottery pick. 

What could possibly go wrong? I't not like the league is going to go on strike or be locked out or anything...


Oh, one other thing, I just want to post this so I don't have to wait for another injury before doing it. On the injury bug that has haunted the Warriors for as long as I have been a fan - we need to bring back Alton Lister. 

Think about it. When we had Lister, we had just as many injuries on the team, but they all happened to him. He's sort of a human injury lighting rod. We could prop him up at the end of the bench with a morphine drip and let the others all play...


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