Second Unit- Emergence

Okay so it's been awhile I've made a fanpost so stay with me. I think the problem with this team is that our starters play so many minutes in the first half that by the time the second half of games get underway, we lose before the game even starts because of fatigue and lack of depth. Outside of Reggie Williams who has stepped up his play recently, there are a few players I think can benefit this team dramatically through either an intervention that would allow them to play better or just through being shipped out elsewhere. The four players are:



(If only he looked that alert during games!)

We all know this guy can play BUT the dude stays hurt so often it's ridiculous. Out of the ENTIRE 2007 class, he's right behind Greg Oden in games missed and that's just terrible. I don't know if he's pulling an "Al Harrington" because he's not getting the type of role he was expecting or if he's just hurt. Either way he needs to take his "talents" elsewhere because with his expiring contract I know there is some team out there that would give us a legit player especially if they're looking to rebuild ESPECIALLY with a still young yet injury prone big man (the Cavaliers, Nuggets, & Bobcats come to mind). If he was 100% healthy and confidant at the same time I know he could start elsewhere so having him as a reserve on our small bench would be great but that is no longer the case as his days are number.

LOCATION AROUND THE TRADE DEADLINE: On a rebuilding team NOT NAMED the Warriors...



(I hope he's not looking to draw a foul because that's just ridiculous!)

I know we only got this dude for cap relief but now it's his time to GO. I don't like the fact that he's supposedly Stephen Curry's "mentor" as he's not even any kind of point guard himself as there would be no point in Steph listening to his guidance. I only see him being shipped off if it's with a combination of other players because honestly nobody would want this dude UNLESS it's just for cap relief. I think I would be cool with him but his little rant about not getting consistent playing time a little while back just shows me he don't need to be on this team.


SG/SF Rodney Carney #25


(Don't look mad RC, YOU DID IT!)

He still has a lot of upside and I think he can be a more athletic Matt Barnes in the league but until he learns to stop acting so much like a track star running to the corner to shoot flat jumpers he will continue to be a bench warmer. He can still shine this season with the lack of wing players this team has but until he watch some film and develop basic fundamentals we're better off waiving him for a D-League pickup around the trade deadline. And this is coming from a huge supporter of his.

LOCATION AROUND THE TRADE DEADLINE: Still on the team but his game will improve.

F Vladimir Radmonovic #77


(This just goes without saying on a serious note!)

He just needs to go...point...blank...and period...We need to get him out of here as soon as possible on a first class flight and with his big contract I hope he can bring in some sort of impact player. And when I say impact player somebody we, the fans, don't get upset about every time they step on the floor because we can count on them in a POSITIVE way.

LOCATION AROUND THE TRADE DEADLINE: Riding somebody's bench after he helps us get some sort of impact player...




(Maybe he can help this team get a a few years?!??!)

Warriors Get: Richard Hamilton & Jason Maxiell

Pistons Get: Brandan Wright, Charlie Bell, Dan Gadzuric

The Pistons will be building around Greg Monroe, Austin Daye, and Rodney Stuckey pretty soon and they will be looking to take back expiring contracts especially with them overpaying for Ben Gordan and Charlie V. I also think this works for us as Hamilton can play the 1, 2, and possibly the 3 for this team and since the Dubz just waived Jeff Adrien, Jason Maxiell can be a veteran replacement for him in that regards.



(I wonder what he's looking at...)

Warriors Get: Daniel "Boobie" Gibson, Jamario Moon

Cavaliers Get: Brandan Wright, Charlie Bell

I drew up the Cavalier trade because the Dubz have needed a shooter ever since Anthony Morrow got shipped out this summer and Daniel Gibson has been decent this year and the Cavs will be looking to rebuild come this summer so we mine as well give them a head start with expiring contracts.



(Hahahahaha Poor Gadzuric!)

Warriors Get: Marcus Camby, Andre Miller

Trailblazers Get: Brandan Wright, Charlie Bell, Dan Gadzuric, & Vladimir Radmonovic

I just chose the Portland one because they want to go young especially with Brandon Roy’s knee being a question mark so I was thinking we just give them a chunk of our trash for veterans who know how to win.

This FanPost is a submission from a member of the mighty Golden State of Mind community. While we're all here to throw up that W, these words do not necessarily reflect the views of the GSoM Crew. Still, chances are the preceding post is Unstoppable Baby!

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