Simply for the Sake of Hypotheticals (that could help, and within reason)

GSOM is riddled with fanciful trade ideas that are proposed from true warriors fans. That being said, 95% of them are biased. I completely understand this and acknowledge this before I go further with this post.

This started as a comment to Baron von DOOOM's comment trading in on the Orlando makeover. The more I think about it, the more I wonder why the players I'm about to propose have not been brought into the spotlight as possible short term solutions to the warriors woes. Not only would moves for such players possibly push the warriors back into the playoff hunt, but it would also instill hope that so far, Lacob, Guber, and pals have failed to bring us.


The following are all players in their contract years who will become free agents (restricted and unrestricted, without options) in the following offseason. Trading for any one of them could be a good short term move, or a genius sign and trade for the warriors.

boris diaw - although prone to mental lapses, diaw has always played with a physical toughness that our squad lacks today. could be a fresh taste that the warriors do not have at sf.

jamario moon - seems to provide an explosiveness off of the cavaliers bench when he plays. would fit well within the warriors old run and gun system (if it ever comes back).

rodney stuckey - somewhat of a bad apple in Detroit, but stuckey gets better year by year. he seems a lock to hit the free agent market. stuckey could be valuable in three guard set situation. yes, the warriors would be EXTREMELY small with steph, monta, and stuckey all playing together, but a little warriors smallball has seem to get things done in the past.

aaron brooks- he's injured and peeved at the lack of contract extension from the rockets. would be a nice fit on the warriors; would work real well with curry. brooks would be an ideal replacement for monta if ellis gets packaged in a bigger deal for iggy, wallace, etc.

tj ford - always imagined tj ford as a competent backup to steph.

marc gasol- already a popular man on GSOM, its about time we looked into possibly locking him up.

JEFF GREEN - its beyond me why the GSOM community has failed to acknowledge green as a solution to our shaky big man situation as well as our sf situation. he's proven that he can get better year by year, and OKC has made it clear they're not bringing him back. its unlikely they'll part with him this season, but he would look pretty spiffy in a warriors uni.

carl landry - would be an awesome sixth man off the bench. he would truly provide the consistant big man that the warriors lack off the bench. i dont see him staying here though if he ended up here - he has said that he wishes to return to houston if given the chance. he's rumored on the kings block though.

al thornton - warriors have always been linked to this kid. why not pick up another growing sf? he's got more mileage than dorrell and i've seen some seriously good games from this kid.


i won't give silly trade packages for all these guys. thats where us as GSOMers get caught looking stupid; all of our proposed trades just look impossible and dumb. my question to the community is:


is there a reason these names have yet to be brought up? if any of these are a good idea, than which would be best and how much are we willing to give?


like i said, just speculation. i could be completely off with all of these.



A diehard Warriors fan at UMass Amherst

This FanPost is a submission from a member of the mighty Golden State of Mind community. While we're all here to throw up that W, these words do not necessarily reflect the views of the GSoM Crew. Still, chances are the preceding post is Unstoppable Baby!

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