What is going on? Warriors fans RANT here!

Consider it to be a rhetoricle question. Whatever. But tonight the healthier 10-11 Warriors team lost to a Stoudamire-less Phoenix Suns team.

Now let's revisit Dec. 26 2009 where the Warriors beat the Suns with a depleted roster.

Warriors 132   Suns 127

Starting line-up

Monta Ellis                 -vs-    Steve Nash

Stephen Curry          -vs-     Jason Richardson

Anthony Morrow      -vs-    Grant Hill

Corey Maggette        -vs-   Channing Frye

 Anthony Randolph    -vs-  Amare Stoudamire


C.J Watson, Vladimir Radmonovic, Ronny Turiaf

Tonight vs Suns

Warriors 101 vs Suns 107

Starting  line-up

Stephen Curry    -vs- Steve Nash

Monta Ellis   -vs-   Jason Richardson

Dorell Wright -vs- Grant Hill

David Lee -vs-  Hakim Warrck

Andris Biedrins  -vs-  Channing Frye


Jeremy Lin, Jeff Adrien, Charlie Bell, Rodney Carney, Reggie Williams


On paper, the Warriors are a better team coming into tonight's game than last years roster and the Suns were definetly a better team with Amare.  However, we lost with a better frontcourt and deeper bench. Now, I understand that BWright, and Udoh were out (vlad and gad DNP), but we didnt have Biedrins, Lee (obviously), or BWright, and Chris Hunter last december...and yet we pulled out with a win.

Is anyone else frustrated and confused as to why we've been losing games we should have won???


1.) The Warriors do not know how to utilize the half court set system effectively...they dont seem to know what they are doing on the pick and roll with Lee. We still take too many 3's.

2.) If the Warriors are supposedly focused more on defense then how did we lose tonight against a bad defensive suns team? Not to mention we got out rebounded by them.

3.) Stephen Curry is STRUGGLING in Smarts system. Period. 

4.) We paid David Lee $80 million this offseason YET we arent running enough plays for him. We are relying to much on our backcourt to score. Monta and Steph need to get the ball into Lee's hands. I mean come one, LEE VS WARRICK??? Why didn't Smart take advantage of this matchup??????

5.)  No one is helping Monta Ellis offensively.

6.) Our in game rotations are head scratchers

7.)  Our free throw shooting STILL sucks despite new faces. 

8.) We are making too many SIMPLE mistakes yet we aren't running as much as we used to

9.)  CAN WE PLEASE BRING BACK RUN N GUN? As much as I wanted to drift away from Nellies system, it is evident that this team is built to run and score on the fast break.

...the rest is for you guys to pitch in. Im sure i missed alot other details

This FanPost is a submission from a member of the mighty Golden State of Mind community. While we're all here to throw up that W, these words do not necessarily reflect the views of the GSoM Crew. Still, chances are the preceding post is Unstoppable Baby!

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