Joe Lacob Just Emailed Me Back (Everyone Should Read This)

This is lengthy, but it's extremely important and uplifting. As Warriors fans, I hope you all read this and understand how special it is that we have an NBA franchise owner that's so accessible and willing to reach out to his fans. Read on.


The email I sent read like this. I apologize for the length but I had a lot to say:


Dear Mr. Lacob,

I've been a Warriors fan for as long as I can remember. I can name every player that was on the Warrior's roster every year going ten years back. I spent my childhood staying faithful to a team that brought so much struggle and frustration. I'm a freshman now at Umass Amherst, spending every night staying up late watching the Warriors play. For the first time in ten years, I feel the need to reach out to my beloved organization and it's new owners.

Mr. Guber and yourself currently symbolize a new era of hope for every Warriors fan. You represent the change and the taste of excitement that has been lost for a decade and a half (with the exception with the miraculous 2006-07 playoff run). You have made tangible statements and promises about the future of the team that has only further expanded my love for the franchise, and without a doubt, and I whole-heartedly believe that you will come through.

I do not email you as a criticism, but more as a warning. I feel I speak for a majority of the fanbase when I say that we're frustrated and we've waited long enough for the opportunity to be recognized and feared across the NBA as legitimate competitors and contenders. The Warriors start since your takeover has been nothing short of horrendous, and I must tell you already that frustration and dissatisfaction has already grown with the new face of change. Just to be clear, in no way do I suggest that the terrible play it is the new ownership's fault - that is impossible. But I must urge that you take action NOW in order to prove to the Warriors community that you plan on coming through on your promises. Transactoins, cuts, whatever it may be, you must prove to the fanbase through action that your serious about the future of this team. The Warriors have been playing some of the worst basketball that I've seen from them for as long as I can remember, and it's time for the change and order that you promised to come into effect now. As before mentioned, the fans are frustrated, and the sooner you address this the better. Especially in such turbulent times; tonights loss to the Rockets should have been a win.

On a personal note, thank you dearly for relieving us from the Cohen era. I truly look forward to seeing you transform this beloved team into a true contender. Seeing you at the home games already proves to me that you want to win just as badly as I do. I am active in the Warriors blogging community, and any response to this email would immediately hit the blogs (the blogging community has extremely appreciated your accessibility in the past). No matter what happens, I will always enjoy the fun and love of the game the Warriors organization has taught me.

Best wishes and have the happiest of holidays to yourself and your family!!!!

Jordan  (a Warrior fan forever)




Three hours later, Mr. Lacob emailed me back this:



I missed my first game as the Warriors owner as my high school senior son had a game tonight. I just finished watching our W's game. Believe me, i am extremely frustrated. I assure you that I am looking at all aspects of our play and our team and looking for ways to get better. Clearly, injuries are killing us. We are just not deep enough to sustain injuries. Notice how many games we are losing in the key final minutes. David Lee is just getting healthy. Then, down goes Curry and Biedrins. Damn.

Monta is playing at an extremely high level. Fantastic effort, great heart. What more can he do? He needs help. David Lee is a very solid player. We need Curry back. We need our starting center back. We need Dorell to be consistent---he has been quite a find, but needs to be more consistent. Reggie has given us a lot---his role is to come in and score and he has done that lately. You had  to love seeing Ekpe get his first real shot tonight!!!!

I know Warrior fans are frustrated. I am frustrated. But, we have owned this team for a month!!! I promise we will not settle for losing. We will make changes to improve any aspect of the team.   And, note that not everybody will agree with the actions we do take. Everybody has their own opinion. But, realize that we cannot just randomly throw darts against the wall. Trust that we are looking at potential moves every single day. We want to get better today. Now. But, we need to think through the longer term impact of any changes.

So, as representative of the greater Warrior fan community, recognizing that we all want instant gratification, don't blame the new ownership group for the sins of the past. Give us a chance to fix the situation. I hope we can do it quickly but in all honesty, it may take a little time and a few moves to get there.

Meanwhile, not that it is any consolation, I am also in great pain tonight. I HATE losing. I simply cannot stand it. But, I do support my guys and i am going to be right back tomorrow rooting for them to turn this around ASAP. And I know that they care. They are trying hard. It is my job to give them more resources if and when I can do so. And I will.

Happy holidays to you and your family, too.




Times may be tough right now for all you GSOM'ers, but don't get down on the future. We got ourselves one good owner. I can't wait to see what's coming.



This FanPost is a submission from a member of the mighty Golden State of Mind community. While we're all here to throw up that W, these words do not necessarily reflect the views of the GSoM Crew. Still, chances are the preceding post is Unstoppable Baby!

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