Dear DWright and Monta Ellis

I love both of you as players.



I love the pump-fakes that you are trying to throw into your game. I notice that you are trying not to settle into just 3 point jump shots every time down the court just because you are partially open. In the beginning of the year, I was afraid that you were going to settle into shooting a 3 every time down the court, but I notice that you truly are trying to improve your game, and as a long-suffering Warrior fan that went through years of Air France, Barnes, and Bellinelli (all good players but none with the potential that you possess), I appreciate the growth.


I notice the FUNDAMENTALLY SOUND aspect of the pump-fake, and I, as well as Jim Barnett, appreciate that you are trying to incorporate it more into your arsenal. It makes your 3 point jump-shot all the more deadly, and I notice that you are 25, in your FIRST YEAR as a legitimate starter, trying to find your way on a young team that is still searching for its identity after a COACHING CHANGE and fairly substantial ROSTER UPHEAVAL.


I urge you to not take your 39% FG too harshly. Yes, I of COURSE would love to see you play better, but let me be the first to let you know that I appreciate how honest you appear to be on the court, the raw emotion that you play with(I would love to have someone as dedicated as you on my pickup squads), the overall solid defense that you have been playing(although I would still like you to stop jumping at so many pump-fakes with 1 second left on the clock - come on, if you are going to use the pump, recognize it on the other side), and I appreciate the 6 boards that you are pulling in a night. You are NOT the key offensive player on this team, and I really think you are doing a good job of playing within yourself and not trying to force the issue. I LOVE that kind of player, and I think once our ENTIRE TEAM gets better around you, you will be more comfortable in your role on this team.


You are a key YOUNG part of the team we have now, and as TRUE FAN, I will NOT be nasty to you 30 games into the season. Please keep growing as a player. Many Warriors "fans" that love to lurk the internet may be quick to jump on you because of some of your offensive deficiencies(oh boy, do I hate watching you miss easy lay-ups), but believe me, I appreciate what you represent for the future of my basketball team. Please do not let any nasty negativism get you down - I just want to let you know that there are still fans here that respect hard-working players that do not care only about what percentage you are shooting or how many points you are getting, do not bash players because its the easy and popular thing to do, and are willing to wait more than 30 games before passing judgments on you.




I have been your fan since last season, and your growth this season has made me enjoy your play even more. You are truly an unique player in this league, and for that, as a fan, I appreciate that you are on my team, as opposed to, say Ben Gordon, or Charlie Villeneuva, or Rip Hamilton, or the countless amounts of other players that you are light-years ahead of.

You are a singular talent, and I am once again amazed to see that you are only 25. You have been through a lot, and I admit that I was not pleased with the moped incident, your initial handling of the Curry drafting situation, or your sulking publicly a couple of off-seasons ago. However, the growth that you have shown this year, staying true to your game and growing, despite the ever-present "pundits" that would beg to differ, have really made me appreciate having you on my squad even more.

I understand that it must be difficult being thrust into a leadership role all of a sudden. Granted, you are being paid a lot of money, and this is your job, but I understand that this is still real life, and we cant just turn up your leadership rating like in a video game. I LOVED the emotion that you showed at the end of yesterday's game against the Kings, and I see how this team is really behind you. As a fan of a long suffering franchise, I look to these positives and I appreciate them.

You are the most talented, scoring-wise, player on what is currently a bad team. I realize that you are NOT Kobe Bryant, you are NOT D-Wade, you are NOT Brandon Roy, etc. You are Monta Ellis, and I will not try to juxtapose you as something else. Good teams are built around their best player's strengths, and I think this team is on the way. This is why I am not worried about your efficiency rating or anything else that your nay-sayers will throw out there. Once Curry is further developed, I am sure that your peripheries will improve. You do an admirable job being thrust into multiple roles - part of the game you are the primary ball-handler, part of the game you are the only guy we can trust to go to for points, and part of the game you spend on the post trying to handle bigger guards - all while playing 40+ minutes on any given night.

Please improve on your free-throw shooting - this is really the only qualm I have about your game at this moment. You are on your way, if last night's 10 for 12 was any indication. As I told DWright, I promise to keep you in perspective - if our team is winning games IN SPITE of you, I will turn on you and join the legions of "fans" that perplexingly still under-value and under-appreciate you. However, you are the only reason we even have 10 wins. You are NOT the problem, and as long as this team continues to grow and improve where it actually needs to, I think all this unbridled hate that you still seem to be getting from a large part of our fan base will subside.


To both of you, please understand that we are a starving fan base, and we are also very intelligent. But intelligence can be clouded by frustration and lack of patience. I promise that, as long as both of you continue being the professional and respectable players that you are, as long as you continue growing as a team and a squad, which you appear to be doing, I will not needlessly bash you. You, as players in the ever-competitive NBA, can only do as much as the system you are in.

And what's the system in GSW? Obviously, we do not know yet. We have a new coach, new team, and a new direction. Has everything been just the way I wanted it to be so far? No.

But as a fan that has gone through years of suffering, I recognize that good fortune and a great team do not just appear out of no-where. Flashes in the pan are illusory, and so, in a way, I truly do APPRECIATE that you guys have struggled out of the gate. This team is nowhere near a finished product, and you two, at 25, are no where near finished products as well. But I have hope, and I have patience. I am always behind my players, and I don't think that sticking a knife in your gut and twisting it around will do any of you any good. I will criticize, but I will leave the unwarranted and nasty criticism to those that I do not consider fans.


Thanks for being Warriors, please continue to work on your deficiencies, and the sky is truly the limit.




p.s. Please also note that I will NOT sign my posts as the all encompassing "GSOM" - I recognize that I may NOT actually represent the entire fanbase and that there will be fans that hold opposing views from me.

This FanPost is a submission from a member of the mighty Golden State of Mind community. While we're all here to throw up that W, these words do not necessarily reflect the views of the GSoM Crew. Still, chances are the preceding post is Unstoppable Baby!

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