Game Thread #22: Golden State Warriors @ San Antonio Spurs — The Key to a Warriors Win Tonight Lies in the Basement of the Alamo... Good Luck with That

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Warriors (8-13) @ Spurs (17-3)

TV: CSN (HD)  Radio: KNBR 1050

Tip-Off: 5:30pm

Blog Buddy: Pounding the Rock

We all play the game of looking ahead at the Warriors schedule and predicting wins and losses. After doing this myself for years, I've realized that in the NBA just because a team ‘should' win doesn't mean they will. However, if there is one game on the schedule that you can mark down as a loss (for the last ten years) it's a road game in San Antonio on the back end of a back to back. So is there any consolation? Is there any reason to tune in? Well, yes. The Warriors are starting to play good basketball again, and at 5:30pm they are going to throw out the 'on-paper' analysis and toss up a ball in San Antonio. Go get 'em boys!

Game Notes:

  • The Spurs are very good. They've been very good for a long, long time, and despite folks claiming that they are too old, year after year they are a threat to win it all. What is that old gamblers saying? You can lose a lot of times betting against a streak, but only once betting with one? Well, I wouldn't bet against the Spurs being a very good team year in and year out until they actually prove that they are done.
  • Boy was is good to see Lou Amundson out on the court in a Warriors uniform. It sure would have been nice having him around earlier in the year, but his arrival comes at a very good time. The Warriors will need all the big-man depth they can get tonight.
  • Dang, Manu can play. How is it that this guy seems to never be in the conversation with the best guards in the league? Is it all the little injuries? Is it the limited minutes, or time playing the sixth man role? I don't know, but at 33 years old he is currently having a ridiculously good year, and you'd have a hard time finding a better shooting guard than Ginobili right now.


  • Warriors by 1 (I can't even type that with a straight face)
  • Ginobili and Parker combine for 55
  • Duncan with 4 blocks
  • Steph Curry hobbles around at some point during the game, (making me really nervous) but doesn't stop playing
  • Warriors shoot under 44%
  • Spurs shoot 10 more free throws than the Dubs
  • Somehow I'm not feeling as negative after the game...
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