I'll trade you the top 4 D-leaguers for Bell, B.Wright. Possibly Carney, Adrien.

These four guys have been a team depth failure.


He's out of shape. He doesn't play point guard, He's mentoring Curry...but Curry isn't improving is he? wouldn't we want a POINT GUARD to mentor Curry? He's on contract for next year but, he'd be coming off the books one way or another in the following year. we can trade his cap space..but for whom? Then he gets cut by the team he's traded too. I just don't see the logic in sucking now to save a few bucks. He's supposed to be a defensive stopper. Seen him stop anyone this year?

B.Wright BLEH.

Injured projects are useless. Say he gets healthy... Is he going to be more aggressive or skilled than Lee, Amundson or Udoh? Nope. Trade him for a second round pick or just drop him too.

Carney EHH

 He just seems to be more of a track guy than a basketball one. He can't figure out how to get by his man and use that high jump of his to get to the rack. If we wanted that we could've gotten Gerald "cup cake" Green. I am intrigued by his defense but I have yet to be wowed by a block shot or serious stoppage of an All-Star by Carney. I could live without him.

Adrien HMM

I actually like Adrien a lot but Lee, Amundson and Udoh all play his game and are bigger. If we got rid of BWright then I'd consider keeping him alot more as we always seem to have the injury bug.


 I see our team looking better with D-league players than at least Bell and B.Wright.

Antonio Daniels

A 6'4 PG who can also play shooting guard. He's not  the top-of-the-d-league-PG points or assists wise but he is up there, especially with his efficiency.He has a lot of point guard experience in the NBA which is far more useful than whatever Charlie Bell is offering. In the D-league Daniels is averaging about 8 assists, 16 points and 5.5 rebounds as an actual starting PG and can still play at the NBA level. He's more accomplished, experienced and a much better PG than Bell. Bell probably wouldn't start over him in the D-league.

Alan Anderson.

6'6 G-F Averaging 22 points and 7 rebounds but with a much higher efficiency rating than D-League leading scorer Trey Johnson who only averages three points more.



Stephen Curry- Antonio Daniels-Jeremy Lin

Monta Ellis-Reggie Williams

Dorrel Wright-Alan Anderson-Rodney Carney

David Lee-Lou Amundson-Ekpe Udoh-Vlad RadmanovicJeff Adrien

Andris Biedrins-Dan Gadzuric


Doesn't this just feel better?

This FanPost is a submission from a member of the mighty Golden State of Mind community. While we're all here to throw up that W, these words do not necessarily reflect the views of the GSoM Crew. Still, chances are the preceding post is Unstoppable Baby!

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