Trade Monta...

Just kidding. I would actually love Monta to stay with the Golden State Warriors. He's a big time scorer and he's almost close to being a good finisher. Do you know what really needs to happen to the Warriors for us to be a good team?
1. I believe first and foremost Don Nelson needs to retire or give Keith Smart 90% of the coaching decisions. Don Nelson is a great coach if he has an elite team. Wariors right now are not of elite status. Great if healthy but not elite. And plus if you ever watch the games, you could actually see Keith Smart talking and coaching the team instead of Nelson either yelling or sitting down.
2. We get the #2 or #3 pick and end up with Evan Turner. I would love John Wall but that would ruin what Monta and Curry is starting to have which is Chemistry. And I truly believe Evan Turner would help out the team a lot more than having John Wall. Which would bring up the next subject.
3. Corey Maggette goes back to the 6th man role. I know, he's being payed too much for a 6th man, but seriously c'mon, he hogs the ball a lot (not as much before) but he still does and it'll help the Warriors a lot more if he's coming off the bench. Like how it was last year when he got close to the same stats but with less minutes.
4. This is when I know everyone is going to stop reading this but hey you read this far, might as well keep going. TRADE Randolph + chips for any viable 2nd tier star. One who can rebound, defend and score. A Josh Smith type of player. Randolph is great, young, a lot of potentials, but Randolph and Curry is probably our best trade chip and I would definitely go Curry over Randolph any day. Plus he looks like he's going to cry every time he's in the game. No crying if your a Warrior. And further down the line, maybe in 3-4 years if miracles happen, Brandon Wright looks like he's going to be great. Every time he played or got any minute he'll do something great. Block shots or rebound in a minute.

5. Monta sticks to being a SG and let Curry handle the ball. Monta is starting to show poise as a good passer but I doubt he's ever going to average more than 6 assist a game. I see Monta as more of a scorer than a passer. He'll get far more open shots and drive in opportunities if he's not the one bringing the ball up. And say whatever you need to say about Curry giving the ball up too much. Ummmm he's a rookie. Rookies tend to do those sort of things. they hardly come in and be superman of the franchise.


Side note

If everything else fails, we force Cohan (with kindness) to sign the dotted line and sell the team to Ellison. We have a huge going away party and actually invite Cohan for having mercy and selling the team. Yay, and then we win 10 NBA Champions in a row and become a Super Dynasty. HAHA LOLZ 

This FanPost is a submission from a member of the mighty Golden State of Mind community. While we're all here to throw up that W, these words do not necessarily reflect the views of the GSoM Crew. Still, chances are the preceding post is Unstoppable Baby!

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