'Hating' on Ellis?

Many (casual) fans find criticism of Mr. Monta Ellis to be unnecessary, and pointless. It is now regarded as 'hating' on Monta, the superstar. Behold, he isn't a superstar, star, or even an above average player.

Monta Ellis may appear to many as our best player. He most likely is the most talented player on the team. Look back at 07/08. Great season. Efficient. Unselfish. Winner. One of the best players on a good team.

As time progresses, the player's averages seem to average out to their true ability. Simple mathematics.

The Monta Ellis of the present, and recent past:

Efficient Inefficient. Unselfish. Winner Loser. One of the best worst players on a good bad team.

Many fans find some players to have fluke years once or twice in their career. Many people tend to do so in their contract years, as many players are fighting over their first big NBA contract. Looking back at Monta Ellis's career year, could this have had the same effect on him. Are we seeing a large decline in effort, and efficiency because Monta has so many people telling him, You're a superstar Monta. You need more help. Just keep doin' what you're doin! In Monta's mind he thinks he can do no wrong. Blame the ref. Blame Nellie. Curry doesn't get him the ball enough! Hey Monta! You are doing wrong. You are hurting this team. Every time you slap at a player's wrist 40 feet away from the basket, you are hurting the team. When you drive to the hole and attempt a highly contested fade-away rainbow shot, you are hurting the team. When you don't pass to Morrow or Curry for open 3's, you are hurting the team. When you run over guys who have a defensive stance set for 3 seconds, you are hurting the team. You can do wrong Monta, now it is time for you to take personal responsibility. I'm a 'hater'.

You need to work on your ball handing this summer. It needs to become acceptable for an NBA guard. This will help you get around those defenders more effortlessly, and to control your body more in the paint. I'm sure you can find someone to help you out with that. You're in the NBA. This shouldn't need to be said.

Your inept Coach's idealogy, and gimmicks are hurting you and the team. Step Up and know what's right. BE a true leader. Your handshakes with Corey Maggette and your constant abuse of the officials don't count. You call yourself the fastest player in the league, but i rarely see you drive to the basket, without running over the oppositions big men. I never see you on the foul line. I never see you making plays to win the game.

Stephen Curry and Anthony Morrow have limitations. We all know that. Their TS% may be high, but they can't create shots for themselves on consistent basis's. SC and AM can shoot and score efficiently. They have great energy, and they make me want to be fans of the Golden State D-Leaguers. They know when to shoot and when not to. Some call it a weakness to not make and take difficult shots. In my book of logic, taking high percentage shots is more of a good thing than a bad thing. Just because Monta Ellis can make a layup being smothered by Greg Oden doesn't mean he should take that shot too often. OHHH....awww. Look Dad he almost made it. Monta is so good.

/Curry beats his man and takes a floater from the free throw line. It swishes through.

Curry could never have made that shot Monta made....err... almost made. Lets get an Ellis jersey daddy. He's my favorite player.

This is how I see most Warrior fans when they watch Monta Ellis play. ^^

Morrow doesn't look flashy, but i rarely see him walk the ball to mid-court and wait 10 seconds before he chucks up a contested 3. The best shooters know when to shoot, and when not to shoot. If Ray Allen took every shot ever made available to him, he might be a bad player. But, he takes a large amount of shots that he knows have a good chance of going in. It's called patience. Monta doesn't have it.

Was Monta great, or did Baron make him look great. Jury may still be out, but if you were to judge at this point, it looks like Baron Davis's offensive genius took Monta from high volume tweener, to a 53% shooting guard. Should Monta be handling the ball? Sure, but should he be our pseudo- point guard. NO. Who should? Curry. He may not be a great distributor, but hes alot better than ME8. He shoots efficiently, and passes more effectively.

Am i hating on Monta, or am i fan who wants to see whats best for the team? It goes hand-in-hand together, to criticize Monta's bad play this year when referring to why this team sucks.

I choose the latter. I hope 'real' Warrior fans, will join me.

This FanPost is a submission from a member of the mighty Golden State of Mind community. While we're all here to throw up that W, these words do not necessarily reflect the views of the GSoM Crew. Still, chances are the preceding post is Unstoppable Baby!

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