Monta needs to step up and be the man by letting Curry be the man

MDB's post helped me put this thought together, so thank you for your post.

Remember when the Celtics landed Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen?  Their stats went down and the Celtics won a championship because they deferred to each other and had confidence in each other.  Now, the Warriors obviously do not have the talent level the Celtics had back then or have currently, but there's something to be learned here.

The Warriors' situation is different: Monta Ellis was given a contract to be the man.  Then he got injured by his own doing and the team had a horrible year.  The following summer, the front office probably told him and ex-Captain Jack that they would be adding more veteran players to get back to We Believe.  That didn't happen and Jack decided he's had enough and worked his way out of town while Monta still had something to prove.  To be the man.

He had a rocky beginning this season, even publicly displayed frustration towards Don Nelson during that practice in NY.  Then people, including the mother of his child, told him to just forget everything and be the man.

His mission has lead him to become the 6th leading scorer in the league.  It's also resulted in some inequitable +/- stats compared to other players of that scoring caliber resulting or not resulting in loss after loss after loss. 

All the while, the "can't do it" kid, Stephen Curry, has been blossoming into one the top rookies in the league.  He has proven he can run the (sinking) ship much better than Monta, despite Monta having superior statistics in almost every non-metric category (correct me if I'm wrong, I haven't checked this).

So, while the season is lost, the Warriors and more specifically, Monta Ellis, are at a cross-roads here.  In one hand, Monta has been putting forth tremendous effort to shoulder the load of a injury-ridden, poorly constructed roster that reeks of ownership frugality and front office incompetency catapulting his individual level of play to All-Star worthy discussions.  Who can blame him?  He's only doing what he's asked to do and perhaps more. 

In the other hand, we have a player in Monta who is trying to do too much for a (literally) losing cause. 

Forget trade talks and coaching changes and the injury excuses.  Given that there is no way another team would offer an equitable asset for ANY of our players (except Curry), we need to stop proposing trades, firing of the coach (while it may help a little), and putting a positive spin on things ala Bob "I do as Cohan says" Fitzgerald.

The most important thing that needs to happen by next season is a change in mindset by Monta Ellis.

What he needs to do is accept, embrace, and have confidence in "can't do it" Stephen Curry so he becomes "can do it."

It must be hard for Monta watching a rookie blossom into the player that everyone hoped Monta to be.  Overly mature, charismatic, humble, popular with the media and the league, and comes from a high-pedigree, high-class background.

Instead of fighting it, which is apparent in Monta's body language and play on the court, Monta just needs to take a step back and realize that Stephen Curry might be the best thing since Baron Davis, if not better.

My message to Monta:

Stop being a volume scorer and go out of your way to initiate a play for Curry even if it means you don't get an assist.  Swing the ball so it eventually reaches Curry in the corner or set the screen that allows Curry curl to the top of the key so either he can score or make the easy dish to Biedrins for the dunk.  Salvage your energy so you can make that shot play to win the game willed purely by your freakish athletic ability or killer instinct. 

I believe the Warriors will win more games if this can happen more than anything else.

Compound this with smart moves and healthier players and we may have something to cheer about again regardless of who is coaching or who owns the team.  Although, Larry Ellison wouldn't hurt, sometimes you need to work backwards too; and that starts on the court with the players.

When Kevin Garnett came to the Celtics, he still let Paul Pierce be the man, even though Kevin Garnett by all virtues was the better player.  Because he deferred his own ego in order to win games, he was rewarded with a championship.  We can't expect a championship but I think it's not too much to ask for a few more wins.  In this case, it's up to Mr. Monta Ellis.

This FanPost is a submission from a member of the mighty Golden State of Mind community. While we're all here to throw up that W, these words do not necessarily reflect the views of the GSoM Crew. Still, chances are the preceding post is Unstoppable Baby!

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