Don't Blame Monta Ellis

Okay, so I feel a need to write about my view on Monta.  It seems that a lot of people are really down on Monta, especially since Curry's recent hot streak.  People are saying we should trade him.  Some are saying that he is taking to many shots. Some are saying that he is selfish.  And many are saying that he is not that good because despite his numbers the Dubs are still losing.  I agree with people is they are saying that this shows Monta is not the same caliber player as a Bryant, Gasol, Duncan, Garnett, or even a Johnson (even though its hard to tell because of their supporting casts), but I don't agree with people who are putting blame on Monta.

First of all people need to take context into account.  Lebron is good no matter what team he is on.  Kobe, when he is not surrounded by good players, is a bottom seed playoff team at best.  If Dirk replaced Monta the Warriors would be a borderline playoff team.  My point is that their are very few players who can make a team win by themself.

Lets look at the Dubs.  I hear lots of people saying how good Beans is.  I think this is a joke.  He is a good rebounder and an efficient scorer when he takes only a few shots a game.  He has never had to handle being one of the main offensive weapons on a team, where the defense focuses on him.  He is good at running a pick a roll, and does have good hands, but has very limited offensive capabilities and is at his best when asked to be an occasional offensive threat, rebound, and play defense.  Plus, another thing people haven't been taking into account when saying that Monta does have good players to play with, IS THAT BEANS HAS BEEN INJURED MUCH OF THE YEAR!!!  For those of you who are ignoring this fact, any positives that Beans might bring, are not there when he is injured!!!!!

One of the other players people have been saying are part of Monta's "great supporting cast" is Morrow.  First off, he has also been injured a lot.  And, even when healthy he has been very up and down this year.  His 3-point % is still very good and what he adds in that dimension is usually great, but even before he was injured Nellie wasn't playing him much for a while because he wasn't playing that well.  At his best Morrow is a good role player and could be valuable to nearly every team.  He is good, and is going to have a good NBA career, but he is not a legitimate second option.  He is a role player.  He could be a very good role player like Bruce Bowen, who adds a lot to a team, but that is still not that amazing.

Curry has been really good over the last month, but before that he was inconsistent.  Curry is a rookie, do not forget, and I'm sure as the year goes on he will be incorporated more and more into the offense.  Monta should defer to him more as the season progresses, I agree with that sentiment.

Those are three of the main players I keep seeing come up in comments on this site, and although they are decent and I don't mean to complain about them, they've been injured and aren't legitimate consistent second options.


So moving on.  When I watch the Dubs, it doesn't seem to me like Monta is a ball hog like people are saying.  He takes a lot of shots, but he also plays a lot of minutes.  He shoots at a decent percentage and other players on the Dubs often have trouble scoring.  Curry has been good lately and Mags has been pretty good, but are either of those players more legitamate of a first option then Monta?  I would say no.  Curry could be in the future, but not now, even though he did have a great game against the Clippers.  I also think its no coincidence that all this hatred of Monta has come out right after he got injured and Curry had a triple double (which was sooooooo fun!!!!!). 

So most of the season Monta has had random D-Leaguers, Mags (who has been good), Curry (whose been good lately), and Morrow a good amount of time,  CJ, maybe another player, and thats pretty much it unless I'm forgetting anyone...  THIS IS IMPORTANT!  You can't just disregard this information and blame Monta for the team losing and say that he is doing a horrible job and should take less shots.  His team is BAD, and I mean real BAAAAAADDDDD!  If they weren't injured he would have players to defer to, even though even when not injured the Dubs wouldn't be tremendously better. 

I really think people aren't taking context into account, which is normal for Americans to do, coming from such an individualistic culture.  But context does matter.  There is a reason why most people who are born poor stay poor (and its not because they're lazy!)  and there is a reason why the rich often stay rich (and its not because they are smart!) and there is a reason why a player can still be good and be on a bad team!  Was Kobe bad a few years ago, when the Lakers were a borderline playoff team?!?!?!  Did he suddenly get better, or did his surrounding players get better!?!?  He got an MVP award because his team started doing well, but his team started doing well because he got better players to play with, not because he got better.

I think Monta is good.  We shouldn't trade him.  Once we get better players who Monta can let take more off of his shoulders, he will be fine with that and fit in well.  People keep saying that he doesn't want to do that and will have a problem doing that. Why!?!?  I have no reason to think that he would have a problem with that.  He has done it before and he will do it again. Nellie is in charge of the game plan.  IF YOU DON"T LIKE WHAT THE DUBS ARE DOING BLAME HIM NOT MONTA.  I don't personally see how much Monta has the ball as bad, but even if you do see it as bad its not Monta's fault.  Its the fault of the coach and the injured/bad/d-league-filled supporting cast/

I appreciate what he has done so far this season, playing so many minutes and taking so much of the burden.  I haven't thought he was being selfish at all, but he was just acting like the best player on the team, which he is!!!!  I really like him as a player and I'm tired of everyone disrespecting him. 
I'd be interested to hear people's thoughts on what they think about Monta, if they want to keep him, trade him, make him take less shots, like what he is doing, or whatever else.

This FanPost is a submission from a member of the mighty Golden State of Mind community. While we're all here to throw up that W, these words do not necessarily reflect the views of the GSoM Crew. Still, chances are the preceding post is Unstoppable Baby!

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