ROY Race: Evans vs. Curry

I think we all agree that Jennings is about 40 or 50 paces behind these guys, so I'm here to present my opinions on the merits of both of these guys in the race. A majority of the Kings fans (including me) think the trophy is Evans' to lose at this point. I'll go ahead and break it down after the jump.


I am going to go ahead and analyze Evan's chances first, simply because I have watched every game this season and I feel I have the proper sample size to adequately rate his chances. I do not have the same sample size for my analysis of Curry, so if you feel I made a mistake, then call me out. I have watched about 12 Warriors games, with 8 of them being since the turn of the new year.


Again, let me start with Evans. Right now, whether we like it or not (I like it), Reke is out front for the ROY. He sports a 20.3-4.9-5.2 line for the season. He has missed 3 or 4 games with injury, but it is the entire season. The main reason he is out front is because the favor he is getting from the national sports media.  The stats are impressive, although not always translating to team success with the Kings at 18-36. He is respected and liked by his teammates, contrary to some reports you might here. All the NBA fans got a glimpse of this when he shared his (somewhat undeserved) MVP trophy with DeJuan Blair at the Rook-Sophomore game. I think the main thing that puts him out front in the national eyes is his ability to impact the game on both ends in crucial moments. We have seen him power a 35-point comeback, tied for largest in league history. We have seen him hit 4 game-winners (Milwaukee, Denver, Utah, and New York) and make a game-saving defensive stop against Gilbert Arenas. Tyreke has a terrific sense of the moment.


Now on to Curry. This guy is good at everything. He can shoot, he can finish at the basket, he has the best court vision and passing ability out of the rookie class, and he somehow squirms in there for rebounds and he gobbles those up at an alarming rate for someone of his slight. The unfortunate thing for him is that Nelly didn't let him out of his cage until the New Year. Had he been able to play like he currently is the entire season, we would really be at more of a loss than we are now when it comes to who is ROY. The good thing for him is that it counts more late than it does early (as shown by the lovely specimen Brandon Ennings - cuz he has no J -get it? bwahaha....). Curry is just as likeable as Tyreke, and has shocked us in more than one way. I'll tell you what, I was at the game at Oracle when your boys decided to play some defense finally and Curry clamped down on Evans. Even with a lot of the other games I've seen him in (Boston, namely), he has been pretty good on defense. He does his best to hold his own in the post, and his quickness is a real aid out on the perimeter.


GODDAMMIT. Sorry, KMart just got traded for the ghost of T-Mac and Carl Landry. Better be more than that.


Anyway, let me do one of those boil-down comparisons that I normally hate.

Shooting: Curry

Passing/Vision: Curry

Rebounding: (I think Curry's numbers are a little inflated, because it is the Warriors. Evans plays on a good rebounding team, so) Evans

Finishing: I'm going to give this one to Evans, but it really is up for debate.

Drawing Fouls: Evans

On Ball Defense: Curry. Evans is no slouch, but you don't see Curry give up 24-15-6 to Evans, right? So, Curry.

Team Defense: Evans. Evans has blocked more shots this season than most guards I can remember, besides Dwayne Wade. Stevie Franchise used to get them too.

Charisma: Tied. Curry is certainly more articulate, but they are both good teammates who don't cause problems

National Push: Evans

Sense of the Moment: Evans

Impact: Evans - Now hear me out. I am not saying Curry is not an impact player, but with the Warriors it seems that anybody can step in any given night. Curry has obviously been consistent as of late, but Ellis (and Watson) have put up eerily similar numbers at times. Curry is a perfect fit for that system. Tyreke IS the system in Sac. Without him, we have 5 wins this season. 5. Maybe less. We won one game without him and Martin, and that was against Denver (with Chauncey AND Melo. Go figure).

Potential: Now this is really hard. Just because Evans is putting up similar numbers up in his rookie year to LeBron and Jordan when they were in theirs, I'm gonna go with Evans. Feel free to disagree here. I won't argue if you do. They both give our respective franchises very bright futures, but I personally think Curry is a few steps behind here.

In the GSW-SAC game thread, I foolishly stated that Evans was 8 laps ahead of Curry in the ROY race. I still think he is ahead, but not by that much.


Couple of notes: Next time you decide to let CJ Watson drop 40, do it on the Lakers. I mean, we all hate the Lakers, right?

KEVIN FOR TMAC ARE YOU EFFING KIDDING ME? We just traded 20 ppg on 10 shots for 20 back spasms leading to me taking 10 shots.

We all hate the Lakers. This is not up for discussion.

Warriors are like the cute neighbor, but I am married. It's ok for me to peep out the window with binoculars, but I already have my significant other. Needless to say, not getting laid anymore. And if my significant other ever leaves me, I'm moving in with the cute neighbor.


We should all repeat this: At least we are not the Clippers.

Kevin... for ... T-Mac. Dammit.

This FanPost is a submission from a member of the mighty Golden State of Mind community. While we're all here to throw up that W, these words do not necessarily reflect the views of the GSoM Crew. Still, chances are the preceding post is Unstoppable Baby!

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