Warrior Dynamics and Trade Deadlines!

I would encourage anyone that did not watch the game last night against the Kings to watch the orangino highlights as 7.17m into the clip...highlights the reasoning for this post.

From that moment on, we see a perfect example of GOOD team dynamic. Prior to this we saw a display of a team that could run and probably beat, anyone in the league because of team dynamics. This has zero to do with statistical anlaysis, this is watching a group of guys, scrap, fight, chase, share and support each other as a true team should.

Firstly... NO ONE can question the incredible ball movement, and effort ALL the players have been making when Monta is not playing. Now... this might highlight how much they are trying to do their simply shows how good the dynamic is between these players that played last night. From 7.17 onwards you see the GENUINE enthusiasm these teamates have for each other and also you see why 'Turiaf' is just a piece that you cannot put a trade value a Captain... you cannot BUY that level of support and enthusiasm...period.

I really could not care that the opponents were the Kings last night.... the way the team played, would have given any team in the league, a hard time last night.

So this begs a question....and its one that has dominated GSOM in recent weeks. Does Golden State NEED Monta Ellis? Now dont get me wrong....this is not hate, but a realistic view on the dynamic of a team with him in the squad and when he is not in the squad. I like him as a player... but I like him as a shooting guard and NOT the team leader. For me...he just does not cut the mustard as a natural team leader. Steph Curry is that man and his growing skillset and abilities at the Point, should leave no one in any doubt.

The problem with Ellis playing the 2, is Monta himself. I simply do not see the guy accepting that role. He has it set in his own head that he is the natural leader of the team, the highest paid and I think it is going to be extremely difficult for him to adjust back into the 2 role as he did with BD at the Point.

So...much as it would pain me to see Monta scoring a bunch of points against the Warriors...his trade and stock value is so high right now...I think the Warriors HAVE to do it and pull the trigger, providing we can include Corey Maggette's contract as well. I would actually even do this for expirings, as this season is written off now.

Monta would be happy to go with Maggette I believe and if I was the Cav's, I would have grabbed both these players in a heartbeat. However with the 3 way trade of Antawn Jamison going to the Cavs and Big Z going to the Wizards along with Al Thornton and Drew Gooden to Clippers, it seems that Cleveland may have made all the trades they are going to do? However, Ellis, LeBron, Maggette, Shaq and Jamison.....that has to be an instant Championship contender does it not? Unfortunately, that would require some serious multi-team trade machine machinations to make work!

I personally believe that we may have more urgent need of a 3 than a 4. LeBron James is without doubt the truly PERFECT piece we are missing right now, but as has been mentioned, probably no chance in hell of getting him in the 2010 Free Agency. I really like Buike and I hope we can keep him, but LeBron at the 3...., even he we had the chance to add a player like Carmelo it would be a addition to this team. With Tolliver, Wright and possibly Randolph, I believe we have all the firepower we need at the 4. However the chance to get LeBron is slim to none and Melo is not available. But if it was my choice and we had a chance, I would go after Dwyane Wade in a major way...

A trade which seems to work is as follows (assuming Miami know they are going to lose Wade this summer), a 3 way trade with the Chicago Bulls, Miami Heat and Golden State Warriors:

To Miami: Ellis SG, Maggette SF from GSW, and C. Richard PF from the Bulls. (Miami gets scoring capability)

To GSW: Wade G from Heat, Along with expirings of Tyrus Thomas PF (in Bulls bad books) and Pargo PG from Bulls.

Bulls: Haslem PF from Heat with Randolph from GSW (Huge potential for Bulls). The great Trade machine says yes.... but who knows eh?

So... if we were to trade Ellis and Maggette where would that leave the Warriors?

Firstly, if Wade could somehow be convinced to come to GSW to play with Curry, Buike, Biedrins, Wright, that is a very interesting starting 5!!. I think Wade is one of the NBA's true All-Stars who would become the instant glue this team has needed for a very long time.

The Team Dynamic of: Curry, CJ, Morrow, Turiaf, Biedrins, Tolliver is VERY very good. That is something that should not be taken for granted. Two players that fit into this group of guys in my opinion, are Bell and Wright. Unfortunately and again its about mindset, if Anthony Randolph cannot get his head around the fact that he is NOT the 2nd coming but CAN be an incredible part of this team, then I suspect it could work, but I am not sure, hence my inclusion of him in the trade proposed above. He just does not seem to FIT with his teamates, but I would prefer if we could keep him and buddy him up with Tolliver to learn about some of the gaps in AR's game.

So, how does the Warriors FO improve this squad but keep this dynamic?

The team dynamic of Curry and Morrow, works really well, however if you could make Morrow the back up to Wade and if we lose Bell, have CJ as back-up to Curry, Backcourt DONE!.

"3" is not just the Magic number as the song is also an area we need to boost. So who do we get that could fill this role assuming James is not available? Do we make a play for Rudy Gay over the summer? If we had Wade I think I would even prefer to bring back Matt Barnes to back-up Buike for little money, but if we have zero chance of getting Wade, maybe Gay at the 3 would be a useful addition?

But....... there are many other threads discussing trade options... so back to our dynamic.

For whatever reason, both Randolph and Ellis do not seem to have that 'click' with their teamates and at what point do you look at this and say..."yes they are good players...but can we be better without them, i.e. additional pieces through subtraction of pieces?"

Corey Maggette for me a great guy, playing superbly...but always on the knife edge of injury with a horrible contract, so in light of that, playing wise, he is actually playing at probably a little higher level than his contract value, but how long can this last? As a 6th man.... possibly very well for next year and maybe even the year after.. but playing as a starter...alarm bells ring.

So... defensive hustle, play making, sharing the ball, scoring points and supporting each other seems VERY achievable with our core. I believe Tolliver is showing excellent promise to be a solid PF for us, combined with Wright and maybe Randolph, that is capable 4 position taken care of. Biedrins and Turiaf at the Centre is capable and Buike and (X) at the 3 will be capable.

For me...Dwyane Wade is the missing link that makes GSW a Western conference contender. While it would be an amazing coup to bring in the 'perfect' piece in LeBron... I just cannot see it happening, but I do believe we can offer an opportunity for Wade to work with a group of youngsters in a style of basketball that he would truly enjoy.

So the following would be my view on our core team with additional pieces:

Curry, Morrow, LeBron, Biedrins, Wright - CJ, Bell, Turiaf, Buike, Tolliver, Randolph = NBA Championship potential.

Curry, Wade, Buike, Biedrins, Wright - CJ, Bell, Turiaf, Tolliver, Barnes = Western Conference contenders.

Curry, Ellis, Gay, Biedrins, Wright - CJ, Bell, Buike, Turiaf, Randolph, Tolliver, Maggette, (All healthy) = Possible division winners.....

In my opinion, GSW is going to have to make a major change and a genuine play for a key piece by whatever means, in order to make a genuine attempt at becoming a serious contender in the West. Without it... the team will have some very high scoring nights, some occasional wins..but few playoff runs..

However...I suspect today's trade deadline will pass.. with no announcements for GSW, which I would be happier with than a REALLY stupid trade. We'll see.

This FanPost is a submission from a member of the mighty Golden State of Mind community. While we're all here to throw up that W, these words do not necessarily reflect the views of the GSoM Crew. Still, chances are the preceding post is Unstoppable Baby!

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