To all Monta, Biedrins, and Maggette "Haters" and everyone else.

     I've talked my fair share of trash about Monta, felt vindicated by Maggette's efficiency, and never lost faith in Beadrins abilities.  But after all that we've seen with this team this year none of the reasons we debate about the pros and cons of those 3 can even remotely compare to how we "should" be feeling about DON NELSON.  He is absolutely incapable of putting this team in the best position to be competitive. 

     Lets start with his inability to connect with Randolph and get him to understand that he is not a jump shooter and we didn't need him to be concerned with his offense as much as we needed his energy, passion, rebounding and shot blocking.  Nellie could not tolerate his mental mistakes(that are the growing pains of young players) so he jerked his PT around causing him to lose confidence for a stretch and strain their relationship on top of that. 

     Now lets move on to his man crush on Maggette.  Small ball for us works great when we play 3 guards with 2 bigs, yet Nellie consistently feels the need to play 3 guards with 1 big and Maggs or another SF.  I don't know what our team +/- is when a SF is at the 4 but it is undoubtedly greater than -8 per game.  Considering we've lost 13 games by 8 or less we could be significantly better if he wasn't afraid to surround 3 scorers with 2 team/defense oriented bigs.  I'll never understand why he's so protective of fouls with the bigs when he'd rather play small anyways.  Maggette should play SF only, be our 6th man no matter what and play limited time with Monta because when they are on the floor together our offense is very stagnant. 

     Up next we got Monta.  It seems as though his relationship with Monta is so fragile that he's afraid if he doesn't play him 45 minutes per game Monta will pull a Sjax on him.  The problems with that are Monta always looks gassed in the 4th quarter, bench players like CJ and Morrow often struggle because their PT is so sporadic they don't know what to expect night in and night out, and Curry is forced to take a backseat to Monta more than he should because he doesn't get enough PT with Monta off the floor.  

     Last but not least is Biedrins.  Andris will never be a low post scorer and that is absolutely fine, Andris will never be a 1st team All-NBA defender, and that is ok too.  What Andris can do is be among the league leaders in rebounds, block 2 shots per game, and get 6-8ppg off of offensive rebounds and tip-ins.  For him to do that though he needs to only have to outwork the other teams C, not also PF because he's stuck as our only big on the floor.  I should also point out how only recently he gave a damn if injured players were on the bench for at least home games.  This is supposed to be a team and it's the coaches responsibility to make the players understand that if at least not respect it.  I am convinced if we traded Monta for say D. Wade we would be 4-8 wins better but if we fired Nellie and brought in say Tom Thibodeau or any other coach who understood defense and that you can't win going small when LBJ is not your 4 that we would have 8-12 more wins. 

     Let me hear your guys thoughts but I feel all this bickering about the players is pretty much pointless when they are just playing their games while the coach isn't giving his best effort to put his team in position to win ball games.(if you don't like me using 'effort" than replace that with making logical decisions for his team.)

P.S.  You can call me an official Nellie, Rowell, Cohen, and Reilly Hater!

This FanPost is a submission from a member of the mighty Golden State of Mind community. While we're all here to throw up that W, these words do not necessarily reflect the views of the GSoM Crew. Still, chances are the preceding post is Unstoppable Baby!

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