Warriors Game Day Links: Golden State Warriors 105 vs Portland Trail Blazers 110 - 4th qtr mega meltdown. 9pts only???

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Warriors: Golden State of Mind
Recap: RECAP #64: Golden State Warriors 105, Portland Trailblazers 110 - Brandon Roy and Andre Miller outmuscle and hustle Warriors' backcourt
Game thread: Gamethread #64: Portland Trailblazers at Golden State Warriors - Schedule swap/swat, anyone? (1520+ comments)

Trail Blazers: Blazersedge
Recap: Game 67 Recap: Blazers 110, Warriors 105
Postgame: Gameday Open Thread: Blazers vs. Warriors--Post-Game
Game thread 2: Gameday Open Thread: Blazers vs. Warriors--Second Half
Game thread 1: Gameday Open Thread: Blazers vs. Warriors--First Half
Pregamwe: Gameday Open Thread: Blazers vs. Warriors--Pre-Game

Other Recaps

Associated Press recap: Blazers rally to beat Warriors
Sports Network recap: Roy leads Portland rally over Warriors
Marcus Thompson II recap: Roy rips up Warriors

Pregame News

- Don Nelson spoke to the media pregame. Lots of power forward talk. Here's the transcript.
Tim Kawakami: Don Nelson, pre-game: "Our team is still a good young team"

- Reggie Williams doesn't take his 10-day contract for granted.
Rusty Simmons: Williams is 'a nice find'; Will he stick?

Pregame Videos

- No pregame videos found.

Postgame News

- There was a lot of power forward talk in Nellie's pregame. Rusty Simmons summarizes the talk.
Rusty Simmons: Going backwards without forwards

- Monta and Nellie postgame transcripts.
Tim Kawakami: The Warriors’ magic continues: 9-point fourth quarter, tough to explain

Postgame Videos

Don Nelson at the podium.

Anthony Morrow in the locker room.

Monta Ellis in the locker room.

Highlights by orangino.

Postgame Quotes from warriors.com recap

Don Nelson
On tonight's game:
"It was a pretty disappointing loss. To have such a great game for three quarters and [then] go cold in the fourth quarter and not being able to put the game away. I guess that happens. We were facing a mismatch all night inside with their size and the rebound numbers reflected that. That’s what got us beat probably more than anything with second shots and tip-outs especially down the stretch and they were able to make a couple of threes out of that. But we went cold at the wrong time, what can I tell you."

On what Portland did differently in the fourth quarter:
"We didn’t attack their zone very well. We ended having a team out there that hadn’t been together very much and we didn’t run our stuff very well against the zone. Then when we did get shots, we didn’t make them. It was probably a combination of things "

On C.J. Watson’s late foul:
"If you’re going to take that foul, you take it early, and if you’re not then you wait. We’ve got three seconds left to make a three [pointer] if we can hold them there. I think he thought that he could get a steal and went for the steal and hit the body."
Anthony Morrow
On tonight's game:
"Just down the stretch we just gave our lead up. They hit a couple of big three’s, but we had to give something up because they were trying to post up so much between (Brandon) Roy and (LaMarcus) Aldridge so we had to give something up. But we played really hard, it was good to have Monta (Ellis) back, Corey (Maggette) had a really good game…everybody played hard so just got to get ready for Saturday."

On Portland's comeback:
"We all got pretty good shots, thing came down mostly to…they just came back. Our defense was pretty good, we scrambled well, it just came down to…guys made big shots for them."
Stephen Curry
On tonight's game:
"Felt like we were in control of the game, and the foul trouble kind of made us switch our lineups more than we wanted too with that kind of a lead. And they fought their way back and we just didn’t have enough to get over the hump…down the stretch. Unfortunate Monta (Ellis) went when he did, and that kind of took us out of the system with the zone at the end of the 4th quarter."

On Monta Ellis coming back:
"It was nice. The combination of him being back and us being at home, the crowd loves to see him do what he does so a lot of excitement out there and he really energized us for three and a half quarters, we just dropped the ball at the end."

Warriors Weekly Radio

- Radman on his rehab, his personal background, basketball background, Stephen Curry.
13:12 min: Warriors Forward Vladimir Radmanovic

- Scott Roth on Reggie Williams, NBA experience and evaluations of the D Leaguers, travel stories.
6:33 min: Assistant Coach Scott Roth

- Al Attles on Warriors moving from Philadelphia to San Francisco.
5:43 min: Tim Roye's Journal With Alvin Attle

- Chris Monter on evaluating players in NCAA tournament for the NBA draft, John Wall, Evan Turner, whether Favors/Cousins fits in with the Warriors.
8:28 min: Chris Monter of the Monter Draft News

KNBR mp3s

- Matt Steinmetz on leaving college early, Nellie's record, next Warriors coach, fast paced style of play and our roster.
20:10 min: Matt Steinmetz with Ralph

My Notebook

- In Nellie's pregame, though he hasn't talked to Riley about it, he thinks Reggie will get and sign a second 10-day contract.

What's next?

- The Raptors come in for their only visit on Saturday at 7:30pm. Expect some Devean George/Marco Belinelli talk around here untli then.

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