RECAP #64: Golden State Warriors 105, Portland Trailblazers 110 - Brandon Roy and Andre Miller outmuscle and hustle Warriors' backcourt

Today's game, once again, represented the best and worst of Nellie and Warriors basketball.  The Warriors continuously embody the constant dialectic of success and failure...and today was no different. Briefly:


  • Up 16 in the third quarter getting the Blazers out of rhythm
  • A team of 5 d-leaguers out-shooting and outhustling a Blazers team of first round picks...with Monta on the bench with foul trouble! 


  • Terrible matchups in the fourth quarter that led to the Warriors unable to grab a board and getting outscored by 18 points in the fourth. 

And of course, this guy:


Brandon Roy is an all-star and he's a big reason why this team is going to the playoffs and the Warriors aren't.

But let us not get bogged down on the obvious!  We should remember and celebrate today's Roaracle festivities , that being the first "gay-night" at a Warriors game!  Even in a loss, there is much to celebrate.  Gay Pride? Yes.  Still in the John Wall or Evan Turner sweepstakes?  You betcha.  Moreover, the Warriors lost in style!


Yahoo! Boxscore

Blog Buddy: Blazer's Edge

A possible reason why Stephen Curry and Monta Ellis cannot play in the backcourt together:


Andre Miller and Brandon Roy (mostly Brandon Roy, really) demolished the Warriors.  From jump, Miller took it straight to Curry and scored effortlessly.  Roy did the same with Monta and before we knew it both Monta and Curry were both in foul trouble. 

Roy, my girlfriend's friend from high school, may not have the "game" we expect from an NBA all-star and superstar but you can't front on 41 points on only 22 shots.  How many shots do you think it would take Monta to get 41 points?

Stephen Curry, my suggestion to you, to avoid getting outmuscled and hustled: P90x.  Or Flirty Girl Fitness maybe?

Anthony Tolliver, stay at the 3point line. 

He is a terrible shooter.  But for some reason, he is much better from 23 feet out than from 2.3 feet out.  He had a hard time getting over Portland's Marcuses (Camby and Le... Alderidge).  But he seems like he's always in the right place at the right time when it comes to getting rebounds (6 offensive boards).  I love his hustle.

Don Nelson as Jekyll or Hyde?  

The fourth quarter pretty much said it all.  One minute he's like basketball version of Coach Klein in Adam Sandler's "The Waterboy."  Then the next minute he almost seems senile ... in a basketball sense.  A 9-27 fourth quarter is just head-scratching after building up a 16 point lead.  

At the same time, games like this when Nelson gets the most out of D-leaguers is when I love him.  I got to say watching a squad of d-leaguers and Stephen Curry on the court building a lead is pretty hilarious to watch.  In all honesty, I don't think the Warriors have been THIS skilled at all positions like they have been recently with Tolliver, Chris Hunter, Reggie Williams, and Anthony Morrow (not a d-leaguer).  In recent years, the Warriors have NOT have consist shooting threats at the wings and not since Rony Seikley have they had a center, Chris Hunter, that can actually shoot... albeit not very well and even worse when he's closer to the hoop.  But there's a lot to like about this team so far and they way they compete every night.  But more importantly, I'm impressed by their general ability to shoot and handle the rock.  This, oddly, is something we're not quite able to see from our "stars" yet and possibly ever. 

Which brings us to the next question....

What is Reggie Williams' future with the Warriors?  I know us Warrior fans love to hype up the newest Warrior as if he was going to be the savior of the franchise.  Even when the Warriors started serving Dippin' Dots, I thought the Warriors franchise had finally made it!  Who needs star power?  We got dippin dots like at the Staples Center!

Anyway, I appreciate Reggie Williams' hustle and his sharp shooting.  But more importantly, the dude can handle the rock and showed this off, getting to the hoop a few times, drawing fouls, too.  We haven't had a chance to see much of his mid-range game yet.  It's questionable whether he has one or not.  But as far as skill-set goes, you could say he might be the second best shooter on our team right now, next to Morrow.  He was 5-7 from the field and 40% from deep tonight.  

Wonder_medium_medium_medium \

Got to love what Anthony Tolliver did tonight.  He hit a few big shots, but more importantly he gave the Warriors a lot of second chance points.  It was nice to see him battle for offensive rebounds when more often than not there was not another Warrior in sight.  

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