Gamethread #65: Golden State Warriors v. Toronto Raptors -- D-League meets the Euroleague


Hmmm.  Any D-league mascots available?

Raptors (32-31) vs Warriors (17-47)

Tip Off: 7:30pm PST

TV: CSNBA | Radio: KNBR 680

Blog Buddy: Raptors HQ


If there is any drama to this game, it's that Toronto needs it bad.  Fighting for the eighth seed in the East, Toronto has been swooning badly. They've lost seven of eight, including the first two games of their West coast road trip. Tomorrow night they play Portland in the Rose Garden, and they know in their tiny lizard hearts that they're going to lose that game too. This is a game they need. Toronto is going to come out with everything they've got.

But if history is a guide, so will the Golden State D-Leaguers.  Jump for matchup mayhem! 

Can the Warriors hold off the Raptors?  Well if you think Anthony Tolliver and Corey Maggette against Andrea Bargnani and Chris Bosh are good matchups, then definitely!  Bargnani and Bosh are allergic to the paint, so it is highly likely that Nellie leaves Chris Hunter on the pine for this game, as in the Portland game.


Hey, Colangelo, I'll give you John Wall and two houses on Maui for what's his name, number four. 

This matchup, which looks horrible on paper, may actually be better than it looks.  Certainly better than the Aldridge and Camby matchup. Neither Bargnani nor Bosh defends the rim well, so Maggette could have a big night charging the lane.  And Bargnani is notably averse to rebounding, so the Warriors lack of a frontline may not be as costly on the boards as in recent contests.

It is at the guard matchups, though, where the Warriors have the chance to inflict some real damage.  The Raptors point guards Jack and Calderon are not known for defense.  Curry may have some breathing room for a big night.

Rookie DeMar DeRozan is the Raptor's lone DeFensive DeSpecialist. He should get the D'assignment on Monta Ellis, and may trouble him with his length.  But on the other hand, he's not a threat to do much damage on the offensive end.  In fact, one of the best things about the Raptors lineup is that they have several players that Anthony Morrow can actually defend.  DeRozan is one, and Hedo Turkoglu is another. Turkoglu looks to run the team far more than he looks for his own offense.

And then of course, there's Marco Belinelli, who's making a bigger indentation on Jay Triano's bench than he did on Don Nelson's.  Belli's shooting 40% in 18 minutes a game.  Anthony Morrow can guard him too.


  • Monta Ellis stays out of foul trouble, and goes for 30.
  • CJ Watson makes more threes than Marco Belinelli.
  • Bargnani wants no part of Corey Maggette charging down the lane. Mini-Malone for 25-8-5.
  • Devean George makes more threes than Marco Belinelli.
  • Stephen Curry looks for his shot aggressively, and breaks out of his slump.
  • Anthony Tolliver makes more threes than Marco Belinelli.
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