Warriors Game Day Links: Golden State Warriors 131 vs New Orleans Hornets 121 - Curry DNP on ankle, GSD Leaguers shoot away 21 pt deficit

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Warriors: Golden State of Mind
Recap: RECAP #67: Golden State Warriors 131, New Orleans Hornets 121 - "D-League Destruction"
Game thread: Gamethread #66: New Orleans Hornets @ Golden State Warriors - Hornets are the Queen Bees... (910+ comments)

Hornets: At The Hive
Recap: Title to be added
Game thread: Game 69: Hornets @ Warriors

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Pregame News

- Curry's ankle was OK at shootaround, but something didn't feel right before game time.
Rusty Simmons: Curry day-to-day with ankle sprain

- Some Monta quotes about playing with Stephen Curry from Tuesday.
Scott Ostler: Ellis tries to survive small world after all

Pregame Videos

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Postgame News

- No postgame news found.

Postgame Videos

Jaymee Sire interviews Tolliver, Reggie, Hunter.

Don Nelson at the podium.

Highlights by orangino.

Postgame Quotes from warriors.com recap

Don Nelson
On tonight's game:
"I am so happy for the D-Leaguers. They had 69 points between them and 18 rebounds. It was pretty exciting. They got an opportunity. We kept saying as poorly as we played in the first half to keep playing and keep trying. Sometimes things just turn around and we got hot at the right time in the fourth quarter. It all ended up going our way. It was a lot of fun for those kids to play and do well. Reggie Williams is quite a player. (Anthony) Tolliver and (Chris) Hunter really did a good job for us. I thought (Devean) George turned the game around when I inserted him in the lineup when he made his first couple of shots that he had. He gave us life that we were lacking and everybody caught on and boomed it up 10 notches in the fourth quarter."
Reggie Williams
On tonight's game:
"It was just everybody was just going a lot of energy got created form the team and we feed off everybody and kept it going. Coach Nelson wants us to push it and if it’s open shot just to go ahead and take it , and if not just get out of it and then play, and maybe run a set or maybe have an advantage or a mismatch to take your man and everybody has the green light and everybody has the same opportunity to do the same thing."

"When you hit a shot and you see all the fans standing up and look at the bench and they are cheering, that’s a good feeling."
Anthony Tolliver
On tonight's game:
"Anytime you can get a win, it’s a great thing. I’m just glad I could help the team the way I did. I wouldn’t really care if it was me rebounding or on defense or whatever I’m just about trying to get wins and tonight was my night to get some shots and help the team on the offensive end. I’m glad my teammates kept looking for me, and I just try and capitalize on that."

On another comeback win:
"We’re just relentless. I try not to use that word as much, but that’s the only word I can think of that describes this team. When we’re down and out, it seems like we play our best basketball. We try and not get in that position. You don’t want to be down 18 or 20 and have to come back, but sometimes that is what it takes to wake us up. We came off of a really emotionally high against the Lakers and we came out with a rough start against New Orleans. We were kind of slow and sluggish as a team and everything, but once we got it going Devean George came in and brought some energy and some defense and some veteran presence and he hit a couple shots and got us going."
Stephen Curry
On injuring his ankle:
"I was going through pre-game warm-ups, like I normally do, and my ankle locked up on me so… we’re going to get an MRI and figure out exactly what happened to it tomorrow and hopefully I’ll be ready for Friday. Shootaround today I was fine, even got a dunk, and then I went home and got back to the gym and just didn’t feel right so hopefully my MRI is fine and move on from there."

"Hopefully by tomorrow, a nice rest, it should be that much more better and then the MRI hopefully turns out clean and we’ll be fine."

On missing his first game:
"It’s a little disappointing, especially the way it happened, coming in a regular game day situation and feeling like you are ready to play and then not being able to go. Team pulled it out, played great, nice to cheer them on and see them get a win and now I can worry about getting healthy."

Twitter Fun

(After the game)
Curry: injury happened in warm ups. I asked if he thought he'd miss much time and he said type of pain scared him a bit b/c never felt it b4
Big Win tonight !!! Guys gave me the rookie treatment but its ok lol . Time to eat and watch Shutter Island
(The rookie treatment: When the Warriors ran out of the tunnel, they let Reggie Williams go first. The other Warriors stayed back and left Reggie to run out alone. The other Warriors ran out moments later, laughing.)
- I found these twitter conversations pretty interesting between MT2 and his followers about Monta. The conversation ends up forking between 3 people. Hope you can follow it.
(last night)
Chris_Cohan: @gswscribe What'd Monta tell ya? #gsw #warriors #nba
gswscribe: Monta didn't talk to the media after the game. No surprise there @Chris_Cohan What'd Monta tell ya?
Chris_Cohan: @gswscribe He's smart. New market might appreciate him more. Oslter got som good stuff out of him. Real good. #gsw #warriors

(earlier today)
gswscribe: Monta's smart and personable. I think it's trust issues not market issues. If he ever opens up, will be huge star @Chris_Cohan
Chris_Cohan: @gswscribe He doesn't trust the market bashing he takes. It's the market/team. If he ever gets free, he'll be a huge star. #gsw #warriors
gswscribe: Been 'round Monta since '05. He was same 2 yrs ago as MIP & beloved @Chris_Cohan He doesn't trust market bashing he takes. It's market/team

(last night)
nateoak5: @gswscribe why dont he talk to the media? tired?

(earlier today)
gswscribe: He doesn't like too. When he really doesn't want to, he doesn't @nateoak5 why dont he talk to the media? tired?

(earlier today)
espnaranas: @gswscribe Monta smart? The moped/pickup game fiasco? The Curry " we can't work", the SJax trade "Who else is gonna play D?" That's smart?
espnaranas: @gswscribe He's a talented player...Smart? Ehh http://myloc.me/4XNCN
gswscribe: Yes. Learned from brother's ills. Avoided usual 'hood pitfalls. Good with his loot. Etc. Bball IQ ain't everything @espnaranas Smart? Ehh

Other stuff

- Matt Steinmetz weekly chat transcript.
Matt Steinmetz: Matt Steinmetz March 17 Chat Transcript

My Notebook

- Stephen Curry did not play because of a left ankle sprain. He was in a walking boot after the game. MRI tests tomorrow. Jaymee Sire in pregame said he looked fine at shootaround earlier today. X-rays were negative.
- From the Matt Steinmetz chat, Anthony Randolph was at practice yesterday, was out of his boot, took a few standstill shots.

What's next?

- A quick road back-to-back @Spurs Fri 5:30pm, and @Grizzlies Sat 5:00pm.
- Reggie Williams last day is Sun Mar 21, so this Hornets game was his last home game in a Warriors uniform this season, unless the Warriors waive someone else and make room.

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