Q&A w/ Project Spurs: 2009-2010 San Antonio Spurs positives, 1st round matchups, Richard Jefferson's struggles, and Spurs' closed window

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AB1 (Golden State of Mind): At the national level we haven't heard that much positivity about the Spurs this season. From Richard Jefferson's struggles, to Tony Parker's season ending injury, to Michael Finley's exit the news hasn't been pretty. But you're much closer to this squad than we are. What are some positives about this San Antonio Spurs' season?

Michael A. De Leon (Project Spurs): Well, you really have to look, but I'd say that the bench has been great this year and the Spurs have some good young talent that will be the foundation of this Spurs team in the near future. George Hill and DeJuan Blair have been two bright spots this season.


AB1 (Golden State of Mind): The Spurs look like they'll secure a lower seed in the 2010 Western Conference Playoffs. Are they destined to be a 1st round exit? Are there any 1st round matchups where they'd have the edge?

Michael A. De Leon (Project Spurs): Just based on history, I'd say the Suns, but every team will challenge the Spurs in the playoffs. The thunder have given them fits and the Jazz swept them so nothing's guaranteed. I'm saying one and done.


AB1 (Golden State of Mind): Why is Richard Jefferson seeing almost an 8ppg drop from last season? Have his struggles this season only been limited to scoring?

Michael A. De Leon (Project Spurs): Richard just hasn't been aggressive until recently. I always felt like he expected the offense to come to him. The difference between being second fiddle to fourth fiddle also really got to him early on and he could not get comfortable or find his niche. To make it worse, his defense wasn't very good and he wasn't doing the other things like rebounding when he struggled scoring. He's been on a 3-game streak of decent performances and now insted of earning $2.5 millionper point, he's been coler to $1 million per point.\


AB1 (Golden State of Mind): This offseason what can the Spurs do (if anything at all) to get back to their usual Western Conference elite/ NBA Championship contender status? Is their window closed?

Michael A. De Leon (Project Spurs): Duncan isn't getting any younger, there's a chance Manu may walk and Parker has been a mess all year. In order for the window not to be slammed shut, they really need to continue working with their younger talent and develop players that could possibly take over for Manu and Timmy when their days are over. Malik Hairston is one player that shows a ton of promise and he makes the most of his opportunities, but they also need to make a concerted effort to improve their interior defense. If you watched the Orlando game, they penetrated ad got easy shots in the paint all too often. What was once the calling card of the Spurs is now likely their biggest weakness.


Thanks to Michael and the whole Project Spurs team for sharing pre-game insights on the San Antonio Spurs with us.

Can the Warriors stop it from getting to 2 dozen straight in San Antonio?

Warriors. Spurs. TONIGHT!

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