Warriors Game Day Links: Golden State Warriors 106 @ Miami Heat 110 - GSD Leaguers with a valiant effort

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Warriors: Golden State of Mind
Recap: RECAP: Golden State Warriors 106, Miami Heat 110 - The Warriors aka "D League All Stars" Almost Pull the Win
Game thread: GAME THREAD #59 - Golden State Warriors @ Miami Heat - A Must Win (630+ comments)

Heat: Peninsula is Mighter
Recap: Dwyane Wade drops 35 points on the Warriors; Heat get back in the win column
Game thread: Game #61: Golden State Warriors (17-41) vs. Miami Heat (29-31)

Other Recaps

Associated Press recap: Wade, Heat escape to beat Warriors 110-106
Sports Network recap: Wade helps lift Heat over Warriors
Rusty Simmons recap: Botched plays late give Miami a win
Marcus Thompson II recap: Tired Golden State Warriors fade late in falling to Miami Heat
Mike Massa recap: Undermanned Warriors follow familiar script, fall to Heat despite valiant effort
Adam Lauridsen recap: Kindling (Warriors 106, Heat 110)

Pregame News

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Pregame Videos

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Postgame News

- From the D League to the Warriors, the story of Reggie Williams, with quotes.
Rusty Simmons: D-League call-up has persevered

Postgame Videos

Don Nelson in the hallway.

CSN highlights and recap.

Highlights by orangino.

Postgame Quotes from warriors.com recap

Don Nelson
On tonight's game:
"We made the [Miami Heat] play. They were a little lucky. I thought [Anthony] Morrow was going to make that three to put us up one. I thought we had the tie there with the great pass to Ronny [Turiaf]. But I have no complaints. We played our behinds off. We stayed in the game and we had a chance to win."

On the last play:
"[Stephen] Curry made a terrific play. That is the way we ran it. It is a simple play. We roll and hopefully we get the basket, we also had shooters on the weak side. We needed a score there but we failed to do so. But it was a good opportunity."

On Reggie Williams:
"He does one thing that none of the other d-leaguers have done. He can pass. Not only can he score, but he can make a play. I can run a screen and roll with him. In just one game he has gotten the respect of his teammates. He played well and gave us a chance to win. He wasn’t embarrassed to make a mistake. I like him quite a lot."
Stephen Curry
On the last play:
"We had a nice little hand off play designed. I saw Dwyane [Wade] and [Udonis] Haslem come at me and I saw Ronnie [Turiaf] slip to the basket and I tried to make a good enough pass to get it to him but we couldn’t connect on it. I thought I made the right play and nine times out of ten we finish that play."

"I am a little surprised he didn’t catch it with the amount of times we’ve connected tonight. It just happens to be that last play when we didn’t."

On playing with only eight players:
"We’ve been known for this lately; having seven or eight young guys go out there. We just try and compete. This is a playoff caliber team in the East so for us to come into their house and take it to the wire and have three chances to win down the stretch is a good sign for us. We’re playing well, we’re competing hard, and we can beat a lot of teams."
Reggie Williams
On playing in the NBA:
"At first it was a little different. The D-Leauge is like right under it, but still everybody goes hard. Coming in your first night and the first guy you guard is Dwyane Wade it’s kind of different but it was a good experience. It was fun. I had a good time. I’m upset we lost but just have to move onto the next one tomorrow night."
Anthony Morrow
On his late three-pointer:
"It was a good look. I’ll take that shot anytime. I just missed it. Two guys contested it; they ran out pretty quick. They’re pretty good at contesting shots at the last minute. I just missed it. But we played a really good game as a team. Moved the ball, scrambled on defense, did the best we could on Dwyane Wade. We made him take some tough shots at the end and had a chance to win it."

Warriors Weekly TV

Tim Roye interviews Corey Maggette, part 2. (I think this is a trimmed down version of the one on the Warriors Weekly Radio Show)

Franco Finn and CJ Watson at Santa Clara University.

Anthony Tolliver and Vladimir Radmanovic and Kaiser Clinic teaching kids to be fit.

Tim Roye's Journal: Chris Hunter on the Hawks comeback.

Warrior Girl Casey.

Ultimate Highlight Video.

KNBR mp3s

- Today is the anniversary of Wilt Chamberlain's 100 pts in a game. Al Attles, who played in that game alongside Wilt, tells stories around this game, and also compares players of yesteryear vs today.
13:51 min: At Attles with Fitz and Brooks

My Notebook

- From the Warriors Weekly TV, Anthony Tolliver wears glasses!
- According to Rusty Simmons, the Warriors looked at Courtney Sims first before Reggie Williams. However, Sims had just signed to play in Puerto Rico.

What's next?

- If you thought today's game was early, tomorrow's game @Magic is 1/2 hour even earlier, at 4:00pm.
- Live chat with Matt Steinmetz Wed at noon on his chat page.

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