Warriors Game Day Links: Golden State Warriors 107 @ Memphis Grizzlies 123 - Curry returns, Hunter dinged up, Warriors keep 3rd place lotto spot

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Warriors: Golden State of Mind
Recap: RECAP: Golden State Warriors 107 Memphis Grizzlies 123 -- Calling All Big Men
Game thread: Gamethread #69: Golden State Warriors @ Memphis Grizzlies -- A Look at the Trade that Wasn't (800+ comments)

Grizzlies: Straight Outta Vancouver
Recap: Title to be added
Game thread: GameThread: Golden State Warriors at Memphis Grizzlies

Other Recaps

Associated Press recap: Grizzlies hand Warriors 13th straight road loss
Sports Network recap: Grizzlies get balance on offense to beat Warriors
nba.com recap: Arthur turns disappointment into success as Grizzlies roll
Marcus Thompson II recap: Warriors taken apart inside by the Memphis Grizzlies

Pregame News

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Pregame Videos

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Postgame News

- MT2 reports that Raja Bell is the one to be waived to keep Reggie Williams. Quotes from Riley and Bell.
Marcus Thompson II: Warriors Will Waive Raja to Make Room for Reggie
Marcus Thompson II: Warriors decide Williams and George are keepers; Bell to be waived

Postgame Videos

Don Nelson in the hallway.

Highlights by orangino.

CSN highlights, recap.

nba.com recap.

Postgame Quotes from warriors.com recap

Don Nelson
On tonight's game:
"The second half was very difficult for us. We don’t have much size anyway and when (Chris) Hunter came up with tendinitis and couldn’t play, we had to play with a small team the whole way and got beat on the boards again. They got control of inside points. It was a long night."
Stephen Curry
On tonight's game:
"I feel fine, but the injuries set us back a bit. As a team we are just having trouble putting an entire game together. That is our real struggle right now. With nine undersized guys, and really only one center on the floor, it is tough to match up with bigger teams."

On playing bigger teams:
"It is very difficult. You can win a few here and there just by shooting the ball well, but you have to have a rock down low that can get you extra possessions and makes it easier on defense."
Corey Maggette
On tonight's game:
"It’s tough. I always think we are going to get out-rebounded because of our size. We don’t really have a true center or true forwards. We have threes playing the four and twos playing the three and four. Plus, we have so many guys out and don’t have guys to try to be on the boards. It is tough for us. "

On the season:
"It has been tough because I think we have the potential to be a decent team but injuries really hurt us. We are just in a bind and everyone is just trying to find their position. It has been really tough for us, but we are just trying to hang in there for the remainder of the year and hope that next season guys can stay healthy."

Twitter fun

@Warriorsworld Notice Stephen Jackson is wearing Jordans now? No more Protege

My Notebook

- Though not officially announced, MT2 reports that Raja Bell will be waived for Reggie Williams. An official announcement is expected to be made tomorrow.

What's next?

- A 3 game homestand with the Suns, Grizzlies, and the Mavericks. Suns game will be on Monday at the usual 7:30pm.


- You've probably seen the clever Old Spice commercial where the guy ends up on a horse. I found an interview with the guys who wrote the ad and they talk about how the ad was filmed.
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