RECAP: Golden State Warriors 131, Phoenix Suns 133 - Didn't See That Coming!


I did NOT see that coming. Based off of my Open Thread many of you can probably see that I share the same dejected feelings that all of you do when it comes to the Dubs. And last night being yet another loss means that it was certainly no reason to start popping bottles of champagne.

But Ellis dropping 30 and 6 dimes, Tolliver dropping 25 and 12, and Reggie blasting off with a career high 29? The Warriors hanging in with one of the big bad Western powerhouses, all the way until the bitter end? Shoot. I'll at least open a bottle of Martinelli's to that.


"That's right. We only roll Gold Medal in this club, son."

Boxscore | Open Thread (1100+ Comments) | Game Day Links

Jump it up and let's take a quick look at the rare treat of Warrior madness we saw last night!

"I wish we could've gotten the win but we didn't," Williams said. "The Suns' head coach talked to me and to be recognized helps me with my confidence and lets me know I'm getting my foot in the door and kind of making an impact."

Really dude? You have Nash, Stoudemire, J-Rich, AND Hill and you still want to poach one of our D-Leaguers on his career night? That's just greedy man. Let us at least have this man. WE HAVE 19 WINS MAN. NINETEEN!

..Sorry about that. Got a little carried away. But all props to Reggie for coming off of the bench like that. All indications are that he will be a powerful addition to our D-League empire for many games to come. Wonder Twin Powers Activate! Form of.... bulletpoints!

  • Devean George makes me want to play an NBA2K game, turn on injuries, and keep playing until his virtual self turns his ankle. Then I feel a little better.
  • Holy Monta, Batman! Buzzer beater threes, 6 dimes, 3 jacks, 30 points; Ellis is now averaging over 31 points over his last 4 games.
  • Stoudemire over Tolliver.... that rim is still rattling.
  • Chris Hunter made me think that we will one day have a big man. One day. One day....
  • Tolliver got it done on all sides of the floor. Cleaning the glass, swatting the ball, and of course, a solid offensive showing. D-LEAGUE! *clap clap*!
  • Amare is a BEAST. Can we trade our cheerleaders for him or something? I take that back. No wait, I don't.

Well, okay, a loss is a loss is a loss. It's unfortunate that with performances like we saw from so many of our guys tonight we still couldn't muster a W, but it is important to keep in mind this wasn't a match up against a team that would should have been able to dispatch of. Y'know like New Jersey. And... maybe Minnesota. Oh, and that YMCA team of 6 year olds I saw playing in the park yesterday.

Our squad would have WASTED those fools. High five! Anyone? Anyone? this mic on?...


I'm giving it to Tolliver. While we saw some great stuff from so many of our guys (serious hat tip to Reggie for his career night), Anthony was getting it done on all parts of the floor. Next time Phoenix comes to town, they're definitely going to have the fear in their eyes.

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