Warriors Practice Day Links - Don Nelson interview, Warriors Weekly TV and Radio

After practice today, Don Nelson talked about the D Leaguers Anthony Tolliver and Reggie Williams, and also about wanting to coach the Summer League. The Warriors Weekly Radio Show was moved to Tuesday this week, so you get both the TV and Radio segments today.

On the news front, no new injury updates found. Chris Hunter is playing through right knee tendonitis and a sprained left ankle, but nothing else new has been reported.

Practice Interview

Don Nelson on losing close vs losing big, Anthony Tolliver and Reggie Williams, point Tolliver and point Reggie. Also some fun practice footage.

Articles to read

- Reggie Williams and Anthony Tolliver quotes and stories from practice.
Marcus Thompson II: Play of Warriors D-Leaguers Reggie Williams, Anthony Tolliver has been an interesting development

- Nellie's actually considering coaching summer league so he can train the D Leaguers for next season's training camp.
Matt Steinmetz: Nelson Sizing Up Summer League?
Rusty Simmons: Summer coach? Nelson

Twitter Fun

@76ondalef hahahha, we been killin him bout it . Nastiest dunk ive ever seen
(Sounds like Tolliver isn't getting any sympathy from his teammates.)
Totally endear @kwaichangkang: @gswscribe Does getting yakked on by an All-Star like that hurt AT or endear him to coaches and players?

Showing up at All-Star 2000! @unstoppablebaby: What was dumbest move? 16 Years of Cohan Owning Warriors http://sbnation.com/e/1151471

Warriors Weekly TV

Fitz Files: Players talk about March Madness.

Ronny Turiaf on the movie Green Zone.

Tim Roye interviews CJ Watson. (This is a trimmed version of the interview on last week's Weekly Radio Show.)

Warrior Girl Yoshimi.

Ultimate Highlight Video.

Warriors Weekly Radio (moved to Tues this week)

- Reggie Williams on signing for the rest of the season, comfortableness during the 10-day contracts, life in the D League, playing in France, learning in the NBA, exploring the Bay Area, Virginia Military Institute, his future.
8:43 min: Warriors Forward Reggie Williams

- Larry Riley on the state of the team, summer draft picks, D League players, summer free agency, centers Biedrins and Turiaf, Anthony Randolph, preparing for the draft, working with his scouting staff.
16:12 min: Warriors General Manager Larry Riley

- Al Attles on things that helped the NBA grow.
2:53 min: Tim Roye's Journal With Alvin Attles

- Frank Hughes on the Western Conference race, and a little on the Eastern Conference too.
7:44 min: SI.com's Frank Hughes

KNBR mp3s

- Ronny Turiaf on his Movie Time segment, his defibrillators, touching and helping people, his heart surgery, the injuries.
8:53 min: Ronny Turiaf with Fitz and Brooks

- Geoff Lepper on Amare Stoudemire, Warriors not having a plan, Warriors For Sale, moving to SF.
11:56 min: Geoff Leper with Damon Bruce

- Bruce Jenkins on Warriors For Sale, moving to SF and the Oakland fanbase, 49ers.
12:34 min: Bruce Jenkins with Ralph

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