Gamethread #73: Golden State Warriors @ Los Angeles Clippers -- A lazy sunday capped off with Anthony Tolliver making history again

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Warriors (W-L): 20-52

Clippers (W-L): 27-45


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Sundays: Capitalism's "gift" to the proletariat. 

We work had all week to enjoy these fleeting moments of rejuvenation called "weekends," replenishing our batteries (mine don't seem to hold as much juice as before) just so we can do it again.

Most people try to recharge with family time, more sleep, and possibly some exercise with the homies.  For the masochistic Warriors nation, it's watching them play.

And today, the Warriors take on their west coast doppelganger, the constant reminder of their own legacy of futility.  While most would say the outcome of this game is pointless during this part of the season, these annual match-ups of poorly-run teams demonstrate how bad things are and have been in their parts of the Pacific Division in relation to the rest of the NBA.  Oh, and Baron Davis' as a Clipper sort of haunts us, too.  He's still a reminder to a mythic past of winning seasons that seems almost impossible to imagine as ever being a reality. 

So, what will today's match-up of teams who have much more to look forward to next season have to offer to us working folks expecting a "good time out" from the work week?  

Warriors and Clippers are looking forward to next season.  The return of Blake Griffin (crossing fingers) should be very interesting if he can get back to full strength and speed.  I'm sure the same could be said of our "bigs" (bu-dum-ching!).  But with the Clippers and the Warriors having some interesting line-ups this season with injuries and all, these are what I suspect to be the major story lines:



  • Warriors win ... if we were judging the game based on highlights.
  • Stephen Curry dazzles the Clippers crowd with his fancy passing
  • Unfortunately, Chris Hunter continues to undazzle by dropping passes and getting stuffed on dunks.  Seems that Hunter has channeled the spirit of Erick Dampier and Adonal Foyle upon putting on that jersey. 
  • After his 21 rebound explosion, Anthony Tolliver has instead opted to shoot less and rebound more.  Fighting his way to stay in the league, Tolliver realizes that rebounders are more sought after than streaky 6'9 scorers. 
  • Members of Warriors nation sigh in relief that Tolliver begins playing more like the next Ben Wallace or Dennis Rodman than the next Marcus Fizer.
  • Eric Gordon dunks in Tolliver's face and Tolliver makes internet history two weeks in a row.
  • Eric Gordon does the Shawn Kemp "point" at Tolliver after dunking on him, like Kemp's ferocious dunk on Alton Lister back in the day.  Tolliver makes Warriors history because of this.  
So proletariat, what are your predictions?
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