Recap #73: Golden State Warriors 121, Los Angles Clippers 103 - Reggie Williams, the new shiny toy


(The Clippers are clearly not the Dallas Mavericks and this may be why Drew Gooden is no longer one)

The debate continues on whether fate of the Warriors' franchise for the next few seasons, if we're so blessed or cursed to get the #1 pick in this year's lottery, depends on Monta Ellis and Stephen Curry in the backcourt or Ellis and Wall or Curry and Wall or Ellis and Turner ... etc. etc.

But after last night's game, a surprising 121-103 over the Los Angeles Clippers, perhaps the ideal backcourt is Stephen Curry and Reggie Williams?

I'm of course being completely facetious, but it's worth considering just for the heck of it.  Watching Reggie Williams effectively run the offense --  evidenced by his balanced scoring, rebounding, and assisting -- does this provide more reason to trade Ellis and snag Evan Turner?  Let the discussions begin...

As we've all noticed, he's got one of the sweetest jumpshots in Warriors' history.  He's got range and he even knows how to use the glass on some of those jumpers.  Whether it's a runner, from 10 feet, or 23 feet, Reggie Williams can make it.  With him and Curry on the perimeter, the Warriors can definitely stretch the floor. 

Not only that, but we saw witnessed him running the offense, setting up teammates off pick and rolls and drives to the hoops. 

With Williams' size, length, and penchant for defending star players, have we found the right compliment at the starting guard position to offset the diminutive Curry?  If that's the case, do we draft Turner and plug him in at the three?

Plus he has a nice smile!  Good for Warriors promotional materials and billboards off 880.  Does anyone ever find it surprising that there aren't many Warriors billboards if at all? 

Onto other highlights and player news from last nights game:

Chris Hunter, in my opinion, may go down as the most hilarious Warrior to watch ever.  Remember the days when Adonal Foyle would shoot a jump shot that hit the top of the backboard and nothing else?  Or when Mike Dunleavy Jr's epic failures trying to finish a fast break or provide some leadership? 

Chris Hunter may trump both of them as far as futility.

As Atma Brother #1 aptly put it, Hunter is like the complete opposite of Andris Biedrins.  Instead of converting wide open dunks and lay-ups, Hunter is much more adept at making the more difficult spin, baby hook with his right AND left hand. 

Not only that, but Chris Hunter seems to follow a long line of faulty big men to don a Warriors jersey.  You begin to wonder if Curry or Williams might have had 15+ assist games each if Hunter (and Turiaf) didn't bobble passes or bounce them off their own legs putting the ball up.  If there was only a way to put Chris Hunter and Andris Biedrins together, we might have the dominant (and good-looking) center we've always wanted.

What's up with the increased high-fiving???


(Nellie giving props)

There's something to be said about some of the camaraderie on the Warriors squad.  Perhaps it's the d-leaguers just trying to fit in, but you see a lot more high-fiving on this Warriors squad in spite of how bad their record might be.  Anytime something happens, you see teammates huddling on the court, giving each other a five on the hand ... or the buttocks.  Caught on camera, this team seems to enjoy letting each other know that they appreciate each other.


(Try to guess who's hand Tolliver is trying to five)


(Hopefully Reggie Williams was a good teammate and didn't leave Ronnie Turiaf hangin')

With all the hi-fiving, it leads to this question (which Marcus Thompson posed earlier): What do we do next season when all the injured Warriors on contract come back healthy?  Does Kelenna Azubuike's return mean either Anthony Morrow or Reggie Williams will no longer be back with the team (via Ridiculous Upside)?  Or will they be relegated to the 10-12th man on the team?  Is the development of Brandan Wright and Anthony Randolph more imperative than our current hard-working and infinitely more refined offensively and defensively Anthony Tolliver and Chris Hunter?  Of our d-league players, who should the Warriors try to keep?  And what kind of role would they have?


Reggie Williams may be the greatest d-league pickup of ALL-TIME.  With each game, Reggie continues to show us more and more aspects of his offensive repertoire.  Him and Curry, honestly, are the only reasons we should be watching the Warriors right now! Larry Riley, hand this man the mid-level exception!  What do folks think of Reggie Williams' ceiling?  Is he the NEXT Michael Redd?  Or better?

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