Warriors Game Day Links: Golden State Warriors 90 @ Orlando Magic 117 - Outmanned, outsized, outgunned, but not outpingpongballed

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Warriors: Golden State of Mind
Recap: RECAP: Warriors 90, Magic 117 - Dwight Howard double-double + a poor shooting night by Stephen Curry = Easy win for the Magic
Game thread: GAME THREAD #60: Golden State Warriors @ Orlando Magic - The D-League All Stars travel to Disneyworld (720+ comments)

Magic: Orlando Pinstriped Post
Recap: Orlando Magic 117, Golden State Warriors 90
Game thread: Tonight's Orlando Magic Game: vs. Golden State Warriors

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Postgame News

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Postgame Videos

Don Nelson in the hallway.

Highlights by orangino.

Postgame Quotes from warriors.com recap

Don Nelson
On tonight's game:
"Somehow, we have been able to bring the energy for a lot of games but tonight it caught up to us with this back-to-back. We didn’t have a lot to give and it was just one of those games in the NBA that you will have to accept the loss."

On Stan Van Gundy’s praises of Stephen Curry:
"Well [Stan] didn’t see him on a very good night. He played over forty minutes last night and just didn’t have a lot in the tank tonight. There is no question that he has the potential of being a great player in this league."
Stephen Curry
On tonight's game:
"It is just one of those days. You are going to have one of these every once and awhile. We came out not hitting any shots. We didn’t have any legs from the back-to-back last night. They pounded it inside and used their size advantage. Dwight had a great game. He got to the basket and they hit a lot of threes."

"We only had eight guys and we are out there having to play a ton of minutes and play at a high level. It is an adjustment that you have to make so we have to stick together on this road trip. We have to find some energy for Friday against Atlanta and forget about this game."

On his toughest transition from college to the NBA:
"For me being a point guard, the main thing has been trying to manage the game. It's different from the college game to the NBA. The NBA is faster paced and there is more play calling going on. You are playing against the best every night. Everybody in this league can play and there are no off-nights. You have to be on top of your game every night or you risk being exposed."
Ronny Turiaf
On tonight's game:
"As I was telling Anthony Tolliver, I am playing for the love of the game right now and it is fun trying to help those guys. We are fighting and we are definitely giving people a heck of a fight regardless of what the score is. People know that whenever the "Super 8" come to town we are not going to lay down for anybody."

KNBR mp3s

- Damon Bruce has moved to KNBR 1050's noon-4pm slot. Before the Heat game yesterday, he had Jim Barnett on the show. Jim Barnett on Stephen Curry's rookie season, on Monta and Curry's leadership styles, Andris Biedrins confidence and FTs, best opponent performance.
12:49 min: Jim Barnett with Damon Bruce

- Matt Steinmetz on the Warriors as a whole, a 3 guard rotation, style of basketball.
14:39 min: Matt Steinmetz with Damon Bruce

Other stuff

- Today at noon, Matt Steinmetz held his weekly chat for his online minions.
Matt Steinmetz: Matt Steinmetz March 3 Chat Transcript

My Notebook

- Radman joined the team in Orlando, but Nellie won't play him unless he's 100%.
- From Turiaf's quotes, Turiaf has a new nickname for the team: "The Super 8".

What's next?

- The brutal road trip continues as the Warriors face another playoff team, the Hawks on Friday at 4:30pm.
- Thursday brings another episode of the Don Nelson show with the Dumb Bastard and Mr T.
- Thursday also brings another episode of the Warriors Weekly Radio show at 9:00pm.

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