Gamethread #74: Golden State Warriors at Utah Jazz: Nostalgic interludes coming up

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Warriors at Jazz

Wed March 31, '10 @ 7:00pm PDT

TV: ESPN; Radio KNBR 680

Blog Buddy: SLC Dunk


Do you remember?

It's just nice to look back at better days sometimes. 

Sometimes the past looks better than it was the first time around.  About 20 years ago I fell in love with De La Soul's 3-feet High and Rising.  At the time, I thought it was a brilliantly fun album that found its way into the cassette deck (yeah, cassette deck) more or less any time I drove anywhere.  20 years later and it's not just a good album.  It's one of the very best hip hop recordings of all time.  (This is not an opinion.  This is empirical fact.)  It wasn't the first to sample, but the depth and variety of  It didn't have the fastest delivery, but for those raised on a simple drum machine pumping 85 to 100 bpm with aid (perhaps) of a casio-keyed melody, this was something else indeed.

Why is this relevant?  Oh, yeah. Sampling.  Improvisation. Jazz.

Producer Prince Paul was at the top of his game (not that the last 2 decades have seen him drop off much) but De La was not the beginning, but rather the further development of the art.  A year before Plugs One, Two and Three put it down on wax, the Professor Prince Paul was already clearly on the path with his own group, Stetsasonic.  Watch and listen.

Talking All that Jazz is fine, but when it comes to basketball, there isn't much to say. I leave it to you to marvel at what all there is that keeps you glued to the screens tonight. If it's not "Lost" on the DVR, this will have to do.

Is there any drama left in this regular season?    Technically, at the time I wrote this, if Memphis wins their final 9 and either Portland, OKC or the Spurs have a near total collapse over the same stretch, the Grizz could squeak into the last spot.  In the west the 8 teams printing playoff tickets are set, but jockeying for seeds still remain.  This suggests that Utah won't take it too lightly. Staying a 2-seed and avoiding facing the Lakers until the conference finals looks a whole lot better than slipping into the bottom half of the draw and surrendering home-court advantage.  Couple that with Utah's once again characteristically strong record at home and yet another "must lose" on the horizon for Golden State to maintain their tenuous grasp on the 3rd worst record in the association, this one doesn't look like a nail biter.



  • Despite still suffering from "flu-like symptoms", Monta somehow still manages to log 43 meaningless minutes, as if this game was something that Nellie wants to win. (Then again, we've been better when he's been of the court.  Maybe Nellie's been tanking all along.) [Edit: this will be more difficult to pull off as he's not traveling.  Don't rule it out though.  It would be just like Nellie to find a way to give too many minutes to a guy sick at home in another state.]
  • A Kosta Koufos and/or Kyrylo Fesenko sighting.  How many gigantic stiffs with names more apt for a classic James Bond villain are they entitled to?  
  • Dook sucks.  Go Mountaineers!  (OK, it's not a prediction, but rather an editorial observation.)

Not a prediction, but a gentle reminder that there was once a time where it seemed possible that Brandan Wright might play at some point this season, where it seemed possible that Anthony Randolph might be back before the end of the season, a time when it seemed possible that Andris might make his 5th free throw of the season. 

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