RECAP: Golden State Warriors 90, Orlando Magic 117 - Dwight Howard double-double + a poor shooting night by Stephen Curry = Easy win for the Magic


I don't even know what to take from this picture....

This is what happens when your team is plagued with injuries and you play a road game against one of the best teams in the NBA.  You get ABSOLUTELY destroyed.  You really can't expect much beyond a 27 point loss to the Magic

As per the AP recap,

The Orlando Magic have one of the deepest benches in the NBA. The Golden State Warriors might have the thinnest.

I'm gonna go ahead assume C.J Watson wishes we had traded him in the offseason to the Magic right about now...

Look, what can be said beyond the obvious about last night's game? We dressed the minimum 8 players, one of which was recent D-League call-up Reggie Williams, and we had a poor shooting night from our best player - Stephen Curry.  EVEN IF we had a full healthy roster with Monta, Beans, and Maggette, we stood ABSOUTELY no chance. 


Look, Turiaf's got the energy and is playing hard, but what difference does it really make?  

The effort was there. Just not the bodies.

"People know that when the "Super Eight" come to town we are not going to lay down for anybody," Golden State’s Ronny Turiaf said.

This is what happens with a lineup that reads more like a medical chart.

A loss is a loss and all it means is that we're getting closer to John Wall.  But is that necessarily what we want?  If we get another guard, what happens to Curry or Monta?  Does one rot on the bench while the other goes on to be an All-Star?  Do we make a trade? 

The season's pretty much gone at this point and the only reason to watch is to see if the "Super Eight" that Ronny speaks of can pull out some wins, OR to watch highlights from the opposing team. 

Highlights of say...Dwight Howard


Yeah he's ripped, he's got a nice body, he's hilarious (see - Vitamin Water commercials) but most of all he can play.  Some try to claim that his game is extremely flawed, and while it has holes, he still brings it hard every night and IS one of the top 5 centers in the game. 

Unfortunately I can't make a call and add another stat to the Andris Biedrins Starting Center Watch, but I can say this.  In the 2nd Quarter, Jim Barnett was explaining that Dwight Howard needs to start focusing on his free-throw shooting because he's "poor" percentage will lead to losses in games.  As a Center, he should be able to pull it together because he'll get fouled in close games and those free throws will be necessary. 

In short, Barnett was making the claim that every team needs a reliable center from the free throw line.

Just saying...



Uh...this is pretty tough.  Reggie Williams?  13 points in his 2nd game in the NBA?  Good enough for now I guess.


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