RECAP: Golden State Warriors 122, Atlanta Hawks 127- 100% Scrappy, 0% Crappy

Originally posted Mar 5, 2010 8:36 PM PST


Scrappy Doo is how the Golden State of D-Leaguers Do! [pic via]

Final Boxscore

Preview/ Game Thread- Welcome to Atlanta where the D-Leaguers play (600+ comments)

Warriors Game Day Links

Final - 3.5.2010 1 2 3 4 Total
Golden State Warriors 35 28 25 34 122
Atlanta Hawks 35 28 29 35 127

Complete Coverage >

Just like that famous Atlanta duo GSoM make you wanna... JUMP! JUMP!

Obligatory 90's Hip Hop Video from Your Boy AB1


HOTlanta HAWKS HOTness

Allow me to appreciate what they've got going over in the ATL from my view here in the Yay Area. These guys are really fun to watch. Give them their props. They've got a good thing going in Atlanta with this squad.


But imagine the yayareaplayalisticcadillachoopz...

Imagine if the Warriors didn't foolishly destroy the WE BELIEVE team in the most excruciating way possible, piece-by-piece starting right after that magical run in the 2007 NBA Playoffs, and selling people on the delusion of a bright future led by 2 incredibly flawed players (Monta Ellis and Andris Biedrins who thankfully didn't stink up the hardwood tonight with their league worst turnovers and free throw shooting respectively). Truth be told, this pair just played peripheral roles in the Warriors playoff success back in 2007. The Warriors in 2010 would be fun, exciting, and hyper-athletic/ electric just like these Hawks. Warrior fans would be proud of their squad, which is hard to say right now. But alas, the two guys with double initials running the Dubs don't have a clue and the previous GM of this franchise was nothing more than a silly publicity stunt.

Anyways back to the Hawks:

  • Joe Johnson is the real deal. There's LeBron James, Kobe Bryant, Dwyane Wade, Dwight Howard, and Carmelo Anthony. But after that you got folks like Brandon Roy and JJ who are very, very good. The man's name is very common and he didn't have the best shooting performance tonight, but his game is uncommonly good. He's just a shade under 22-5-5 on the season. Those are big time numbers.
  • Mike Bibby is oddly shooting under 40% on the season this year, but tonight's 8-10 shooting is more like it. Bibby is a good shooter and a steady point guard who doesn't turn the ball over much.
  • Al Horford is the real deal and simply dominated the Dubs tonight with 27-15, just like he did when the Warriors threw Biedrins against him for the majority of the last matchup (see RECAP: Golden State Warriors 108, Atlanta Hawks 104- Welcome to the Bay). Horford is exactly the type of center Nellie could work wonders with. He's smooth, he's athletic, and he can actually shoot. He's no softie on D either. I wonder if the Hawks would be willing to swap Monta Ellis for Horford and contract filler. Okay, probably not. 
  • Josh Smith is a nightly Fantasy D-light. If you're hearing that for the first time, you just don't know hoops. This guy is good and young- to put in context for Warriors folk he's about the same age as Ellis and just a couple months older than Biedrins. The difference of course is that Josh Smith is the real deal on both sides of the ball. Tonight typified the Jo-Ho-ness. If you love hoops, then you love this line: 29 points, 9 rebounds, 5 assists, 3 blocks, and 3 steals. Just FUNky ATL style.
  • Jamal Crawford's defense leaves a lot to be desired (ahem, winner of the 2008-2009 WDWY), but JC is just fun to watch with his sick handles and silky smooth J when he's feeling it. His cool chill-ness is missed around these parts.

We know you're probably reading at home Mr. Crawford, so "HELLO JC! We miss you in the Yay!"


JC's 50 was the hotness!

Golden State Scrappy-ness

Sure the Warriors lost, but there is nothing wrong with how they played tonight. This is not a game that should have even been close. I hate to sound cliche, but the Warriors D-League version gave it all they had and simply got beat by a better team.


I don't think this is what they mean when they say "picking someone's pocket".

Ain't no shame. Here's what I liked tonight:

  • Ronny Turiaf's passing. You've got to like a center who is willing and very capable of dishing the rock. Turiaf isn't a good rebounder for a 5, but his 10 rodmans tonight were solid.
  • Anthony Tolliver's line of 20-10-5. I think this guy belongs in this league. He's less than a year older than the Warriors' supposed, young, building block Biedrins and infinitely more skilled and hungry. If he can become a more consistent force on the glass (not that that's easy or a given by any stretch), don't be surprised if he's a better basketball player than Biedrins next season.
  • C.J. Watson's continued hustle. It's nights like this that make me wonder if the Warriors are just better off with Watson-Curry compared to Monta-Curry. Both combos are horrible defensively, but with Watson in and Monta out the Warriors trim a ton of apple turnovers. Plus they have someone working WITH Curry not resenting his every second of success. Okay maybe I'm just imagining that last part, but don't act like it hasn't entered your mind, especially with that "Can't do it" nonsensical media day 2010 tantrum for Mr. Moped back in September (see Warriors Media Day + 1st Practice 2009- Dubs Know Drama). Are the Warriors better with Watson than Curry or am I just nuts for even bringing this up? Personally, I think I'm nuts, but that's for mostly unrelated reasons.
  • Anthony Morrow's continue diversification of his game. AMMO is not just a shooter anymore. He's becoming a a very savvy scorer. Morrow has a few go-to post up moves in the half court and like he showed tonight, some good insights on how to execute one of the lost arts in hoops- the pump fake. Even when the trey's aren't falling, Morrow can still be a very useful scoring asset. Good for him. See what happens when you practice and work hard on improving your offensive game? (Hmmm, who could I be referring to?)
  • Corey Maggette as a 6th man. There aren't many people in the league who can come off the bench and give you 18 points and 7 boards in under 23 minutes. Credit Nellie for always finding a way to play to Maggette's strengths.


As Jim Barnett noted on the Warriors telecast, this was just a very smart drive by Curry to draw the foul on Josh Smith.

Video Highlights

From the Dubs Side

Outlet passes that haven't been seen since Adonal Foyle was an NBA quality player- or least since Matt Barnes was launching his football like passes for TD hoops:

From the ATL Side

Just in case you forgot, Josh Smith can get UP:

No seriously this man can get UP:



He doesn't complain. He plays hard every night. He's learning every night. He's growing.

He just gave the Warriors a complete game.

48 minutes. 

His name is Stephen Curry and this rookie (Don Nelson doesn't play WHO?!) just gave the Dubs 31 points at an impressive shooting rate (11-19 FG, 5-9 3pt, 4-4 FT), 11 dimes, 5 boards, and 2 interceptions.

The most exciting story line going forward for the remainder of the 2009-2010 Golden State Warriors season is whether Curry can come from behind and steal the ROY trophy from Tyreke Evans. Stay tuned folks. This is going to be Steph-FUN...


Kind of an awkward reach-in foul on Bibby, don't you think?

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