RECAP: Golden State Warriors 90, Charlotte Bobcats 101- The 3 Warrior Killers

Originally posted Mar 6, 2010 7:21 PM PST


Did the Charlotte crowd get confused with the Warriors wearing their home whites tonight?

They cheered and appluaded for Stephen Curry like he was the ROY candidate for the Bobcats!

Final Boxscore

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Warriors Game Day Links

PMUJ spelled backwards!

BETcats >> JORDANcats and the Warrior Killers


I guess this how they get down in NORTH CAROLINA!

Petey Pablo - Raise Up (Official Music Video) - Watch more top selected videos about: Petey_Pablo






There were essentially 3 Warrior Killers tonight. The first one goes by the nickname of Crash. Gerald Wallace simply ate the Warriors up for lunch. His used and abused the Warriors with his weakside help, particularly against Warriors center Chris Hunter, which amounted to 5 terrifying rejections. It's really too bad Wallace had to pull that weak sucker elbow shot to Anthony Tolliver's jaw near the very end of the game. It was absolutely pointless and resulted in a well-deserved automatic ejection from the game. You're better than that GWallace- I think? 


Gerald Wallace pretty much OWNED the Warriors tonight.

Another JORDAN Brand Warrior Killer tonight was Boris Diaw. Man if this guy only had move drive. His near triple double of 14 points, 12 rebounds, and 9 dimes only begins to quantify how much destruction he did tonight against the Dubs. Diaw would be fantastic in Nellieball. I'm just saying.


Maybe he finally got off the croissant diet?

Our final Warrior Killer tonight was D.J. Augustin. The Warrior guards and even bigs simply could not stop his penetration or nice finishes at the rim. He was hot from outside as well with 3 buckets from downtown. I know the Warrior guards are playing heavy minutes because this roster is so banged up and incredibly tired- particularly Stephen Curry- but this really has to be a point of emphasis going forward. They've got to step up the D.


Ooops, wrong DJ.

But enough about the Warrior Killers, let's revisit my prediction about the former Warriors "Captain":

The "Captain" has a "high volume" shooting night and stinks up the joint. The league's leader in turnovers will be sitting this one out, but that doesn't mean a former Warrior won't step up in his absence today.

Well that's exactly what happened. Stephen Jackson was the worst big minute player on the floor tonight. Thankfully for the Bobcats, the Warriors are just that bad right now (in terms of talent, not effort of course) or else he would have lost the game for them. Seriously 5 turnovers with only 1 assist? Why was he even handling the rock? 0 for 7 on 3-pointers? Maybe it's time to stop shooting blanks and do something else to contribute? 

Well guess what?

Not our problem anymore. Good riddance.


About those Dubs

It's becoming a broken record what's wrong with this team and tonight's loss has an obvious cause (undermanned and out of gas and only registering 14 on the scoreboard in the 4th), so let's run through this quickly:

  • No Monta. No turnovers. The Warriors only record 8 the entire night. Contrast that to the 19 from "Captain" Jack and the Bobcats. The Warriors got massacred on the glass tonight (36 rebounds to the Bobcats' 60- yikes!), but kept this game close until the final minutes of the 4th was the Bobcats sloppy play and their good job taking care of the rock.
  • Excellent work by Chris Hunter on the glass tonight, but he simply could not finish some pretty easy buckets tonight. Part of that was Wallace's weakside stuffage, but another part was Hunter seemed a little tentative. A few head fakes and shot fakes would really help out next time around.
  • Corey Maggette is playing hurt. Give this man his props. He scored the Warriors first 10 points on the game and wound up with 19 points in less than 24 minutes of play. Maggette gave the Warriors something tonight.
  • Ronny Turiaf left the game early. Hopefully it's nothing serious.
  • Anthony Tolliver really struggled scoring the ball tonight, but I really appreciated his passing. His court vision tonight was very impressive. He found and essentially created nice looks for both Stephen Curry and Anthony Morrow (if I remember correctly). Give him his props for the 3 swats too.
  • Anthony Morrow and C.J. Watson had relatively quiet outings. I wish I could just pass it along as fatigue, but it's not like Curry was that quiet and he's been playing a ton of minutes.


This is tough one to hand out. Overall we've seen better from Stephen Curry, especially in terms of distributing the rock and getting others involved. But what's impressive is Curry just played back-to-back complete games. Read that again. Last night he played 48 minutes and tonight he did the same. I like the 25 points and 5 rebounds, but I like the fact that this kid hung in there tough on back-to-back outings in spite of the heavy workload.

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