Gamethread #63: Golden State Warriors at New Orleans Hornets... or New Orleans Jollibees?

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(shouldn't the Jollibee "bee" the official mascot of the New Orleans Hornets? Jollibee Arena!)

Warriors (17-45) vs Hornets (31-32)

Tip Off: 5pm PST

TV: CSN Bay Area | Radio: KNBR

Blog Buddy: At the Hive

Today our Golden State Warriors continue their tour through the dirty south, making a stop against the New Orleans Hornets tonight.  Without Chris Paul, still out with injury but looking dapper and coach-like on the sidelines, rookie point guard Darren Collison has stepped in more than adequately.  If Collison had been starting all year, I think that he might be contending for the rookie-of-the-year award as much as our point guard of the moment, Stephen Curry.

With not much left this season to wonder about given that the Warriors playoff hopes and fate in the NBA draft was sealed as early as December...of 2007, will today's Curry versus Collison match-up be worth-watching?  Of course! Which one right now is a better point guard?  Which one will be a better point guard in the future?  Who's better looking?  And who will most likely have a hotter wife?  Will today's game be indicative of their future life trajectory, championships, all-star games, wives and all?  


Here's a look at the stats of both point guards after their star player went down. 

Collison post-Chris Paul injury (rough estimates because I'm too lazy to crunch the stats):

17 games| 41 minutes per game| 20 points per game| 10 Assists | 3 rebounds | 4 turnovers

Stephen Curry between Monta's first injury and current injury (rough estimates)

31 games| 40 minutes per game | 20 points per game | 7 assists | 4 rebounds | 3.5-4 turnovers

As mentioned earlier, these stats are not incredibly accurate but close estimates to their recent production.  I haven't watched Collison enough lately to breakdown his game - what he does well and doesn't.  But based off a few of his games where he put up assists in the teens while scoring in the high teens and twenties, it looks like being Chris Paul's understudy has paid off.  Maybe Monta Ellis can spend the summer hanging out with him?  I kid I kid.

Anyway, watching these two youngins' go at it tonight will be exciting, I hope.  I was a little dissatisfied with Curry's performance against Jrue Holiday when they faced off against the Philly not too long ago.  I wonder if Collison will provide similar problems, even if Collison is smaller and not as length as Holiday is.  Maybe it's a UCLA thing?  For those that have seen Collison play this season, what's the scouting report?

Predictions (for this matchup):

  • Warriors lose by 3
  • Curry has 24 points, 13 assists, and 7 rebounds
  • Collison has 27 points 15 assists, and 3 rebounds
  • Curry "shake" is in effect TONIGHT!
  • Collison crosses up curry a few times, embarrassingly
  • BUT, Curry drops 3 threes in Collison's face!
  • Together, they combine for 13 turnovers.
  • C + C Assist Factory = Collison and Chris (Paul) as a dynamic backcourt that will never happen....
What are your predictions???

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