Top 10 things the Dubs need badly

We've got a huge offseason ahead of us, and I really can't believe we blew our draft pick. Thanks a lot, Steph.

There are many,many things we need to do to in order for our team to be competitive in the years to come. Here's a list of the top 10 things that the Dubs need to come back next year as a good team.

10. Re-sign Anthony Morrow 




How can we have a playoff run without Chocolate Rain?


He's our glue guy. He brings a great attitude to the locker room and can help us get over that hump, come playoff time.

You remember, of course, our last playoff run, We Believe. It was cut short because an idiot forgot we had the ability to sign Mike Miller, who's shot would have helped us succeed down the stretch.

Think Udonis Haslem. And then think of the heat without that guy. Without UD's J, D-wade and the Heat wouldn't be as high as a seed as they are now; I guarentee you that.

9. The development of Anthony Randolph

Heard reports that Brandan Wright is going to be our starting PF, and rightfully so. Randolph needs time to develop. He needs to get stronger and stop fouling. He'd be a huge factor off the bench if he can keep himself together mentally, and maybe add some pounds on too.



8. A bounce-back season from Andris Biedrins

We don't expect a lot from Biedrins next year, but whatever he can bring to the table is enough for us to make a playoff run.



7. Production from Reggie Williams/Kelenna Azubuike

We need our two best defenders and swingmen to step up and be productive. Not a lot of people understand how much help those two guys can be, especially swingmen to their ability.

6. The return of Brandan Wright

He is going to be our starting PF- and let me just say, he looked very good with Curry in training camp.

And by the way, this was way back when almost every one of Curry's passes ended up flying off the court or breaking a window. If you watched him in training camp, he wasn't all that special:

But he developed very good chemistry with Wright. I cannot lie to you and say that Wright isn't as valuable as Anthony Randolph. They have both seemingly been written off by the Dubs fan base. I guarentee you you'll love Wright by the end of 2010.



5. Build around Stephen Curry

Okay, look. To all the people that say Curry isn't a franchise player- you haven't watched him.

He can score. He can pass. He struggles playing D, but only because he needs some pounds.

But now, at the end of the year, he's doing it all. No way, no way you can convince me he isn't a franchise player to build around. He is able to do it all, and do it all well.

And, over the last 3 games, he's shown you that you can dump the ball to him late in the 4th and he can take over the game. This guy is a franchise talent. And we need to build around him. Our original plan was to build around Monta and Steph, together. But now, I say Curry's the best franchise talent we've gotten in a while and we need to build around him, put pieces around him to compliment him. No different from Lebron, Melo, Bosh, Wade, and Nash. I honestly think that with his abilities and his development, I can call him a franchise talent for years to come.

And I mean yeeeeaaars. Stephen-curry-of-the-warriors-celebrates-his-teams-win-over-the-mavericks-on-the-opponents-homecourt_medium


4. Getting a good trade for Monta Ellis:

Look, I know people here want us to keep Ellis- but it just isn't going to work. If the Warriors are to take the extra step to become a playoff-calibur team, we need, and I mean NEED a frontcourt upgrade to go with Curry. Curry is a backcourt on his own. Whoever we get in the draft- Johnson, Turner, Favors, whoever...

Will be a great Robin to our Batman, I'm sure. But, we really need to make a big trade this offseason. And it has to involve Ellis.


3. A workmanlike , defensive-minded anchor

What I keep saying we need- is a defensive-minded guy. Take for example, Serge Ibaka. A rookie that comes in, does the dirty work, not much of an offensive game- But he plays D and it rubs off on every player on the team.

Or Batum on the Blazers- not a defensive stop he's failed to make in his two-year career. He can be the best defender in the league in 2 years- better than Thabo.

2. A good draft pick

More than anything, we need to hit on this draft pick. We need a top 3 or 4 pick, and we need a player that can at least come in handy in a couple years. That, or a guy like Turner that can come in and perform immediately- whatever it is, we need it.

1. A new coach

Let's face it- Nellie had a god career. But coming back an extra year to coach is idiotic. I understand he wants to play a part in the development of this very, very young squad, but his career from now on is done. What we need most of all is a defensive minded-coach: like Tom Thibodeau or Mike Budenholzer, the ast. Coaches for D.Rivers and G.Popavic, respectively. We need a good defensive-minded coach to take over this young crew of players- and if it means going after a guy like Batum, Sefeloschia, Ibaka, etc. Then so be it. We need the right coach.



Mike Budenholzer


Tom Thibodeau

This FanPost is a submission from a member of the mighty Golden State of Mind community. While we're all here to throw up that W, these words do not necessarily reflect the views of the GSoM Crew. Still, chances are the preceding post is Unstoppable Baby!

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