Warrior Wonder Standings (Season Recap)

The 2010 Warriors season has mercifully come to an end.  Topping last season's pathetic 29 win effort, this year's Warriors finished with 26 wins this year, tied for 4th worst in the league.  The seasons bright moments came largely from the two guards many believe hold the keys to the franchise: Stephen Curry and Monta Ellis.  Whether those two can coexist in the future, or whether they will be given an opportunity to are major questions in this teams future.  Here are the final standings for the year.

 Final Season Standings

Stephen Curry 13

Monta Ellis 11 1/2

Corey Maggette 7 1/2

Anthony Morrow 7

CJ Watson 7

Reggie Williams 3 1/3

Chris Hunter 3 1/3

Anthony Randolph  3

Anthony Tolliver 2 1/3

Stephen Jackson 2

Don Nelson 2

Ronny Turiaf 1 1/2

Vladimir Radmonivic 1

Elin Nordegren 1

The GSOM Crew 1

Warrior Fans 1

Coby Karl 1

Devean George  1

NBDL  1/2

Ridiculous Upside 1/2

Andris Biedrins 1/2



Monta Ellis was spectacular this year, at times carrying the team on his back.  But Monta missed 18 games, and was not a consistent presence down the stretch.  Stephen Curry, in his rookie season, played in 80 games and made a strong case for Rookie of the Year.  With his consistent production and tremendous leadership and basketball IQ for a Rookie, Stephen Curry is the 2009-2010 Warrior Wonder of the Year.  Curry was able to manage games like a seasoned veteran, leading the team in assists and assist percentage, and making plenty of highlight real passes.  Curry's shooting was also tremendous, his 43% 3pt shooting earned him a spot in the mid-season 3PT Shootout.  

Curry had many performances this year that showcased skills that hopefully will flourish for years to come.  From his solid opening night performance that gave us hope of what was to come, to the 5 threes, 10 assists, and 8 rebounds he dropped on Chicago on MLK Day, to arguably his best game of the year, a triple double with 36 on February 10th vs the Clippers (above).  Curry continued his great play throughout March and finished off the year with a 42 point, 8 assist, 9 rebound performance in the final game of the year in Portland.  I'm sure I speak for most Warrior fans when I say I can't wait to see what Curry will bring next year.

Final Standings by Writer

Atma Brother One- Stephen Curry (5), Anthony Morrow (2), Don Nelson (1), Corey Maggette (1), NBDL (1/2), Ridiculous Upside (1/2)

Jae- Kelenna Azubuike (1), Monta Ellis (1), Chris Hunter (1)

R Dizzle- CJ Watson (3), Reggie Williams (2), Anthony Morrow (1),  Stephen Jackson (1), Anthony Randolph (1), GSOM Crew (1), Corey Maggette (1), Koby Carl (1), Stephen Curry (1)

Fantasy Junkie- Anthony Morrow (3), Monta Ellis (2), Stephen Jackson (1), Corey Maggette (2), Vladimir Radmonivic (1), Elin Nordegren (1), CJ Watson (1), Don Nelson (1), Stephen Curry (1)  

Fan Poll- Monta Ellis (2), Anthony Randolph (1), Stephen Curry (1)

djfuzzylogic- Monta Ellis (3), Chris Hunter (2 1/3), Stephen Curry (2), CJ Watson (2), Reggie Williams (1 1/3), Anthony Tolliver (1 1/3), Ronny Turiaf (1), Corey Maggette (1)

Hash- Monta Ellis (3), Anthony Morrow (1), Corey Maggette (1), Anthony Tolliver (1)

Feltbot- Stephen Curry (3), Corey Maggette (1 1/2) Anthony Randolph (1), Anthony Tolliver (1), CJ Watson (1), Warriors Fans (1), Devean George (1), Monta Ellis (1/2), Ronny Turiaf (1/2), Andris Biedrins (1/2)

Happy Offseason!

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