2009 NBA Draft: Revisited. Where the Players Should have Gone.

I'm looking at this from a metrics perspective, not PPG(!!!) and whatever you may find from people trying to prove the stardom of Jennings over Ty Lawson, or etc.

1. Clippers take Blake Griffin.

While Griffin has been injured his first year in the league, his vast potential leaves him atop the rookie class. Big men are the most valuable players, and a big man who is projected to be a great rebounder, and defender, will always go ahead of a smaller player.

2. Grizzlies take Tyreke Evans.

Thabeet was not worthy of this pick. However, his value as a defensive monster in limited, foul prone minutes leaves him high up here. Evans can be a fill-in point guard for this team. They have no answer at that position. They also need as many players who are multi-dimensional, rather than inefficient chuckers like Gay and Mayo ( Randolph most likely as well), and Evans can score, pass, rebound, and defend.

3. Thunder take Harden.

Many of you might think, "what the?", but the Thunder already have a superstar in Durant, and they need to build around his needs, rather than going for the better scorer or such. If the Thunder were to take Curry, they would not have made the playoffs if Westbrook and Curry both started. No disrespect to the two, but that pairing defensively would not work. Harden plays good defense, hits 3's, and acts as the point forward when Westbrook is out.

4. Kings take Rubio.

Again, this is based on his projected ability in the NBA. While Curry would be fine here as well, the Kings need a superstar, and I'm not convinced Curry has more of that potential than Rubio.

5. T'Wolves take Curry.

Obvious pick here. Needing 3 point shooting and passing, there is no one else adept at both in this draft.

6. T'Wolves take Thabeet.

Also needing a legitimate defensive player in their frontcourt, Thabeet would fit the bill. Thabeet and Love would be perfect compliments to each other's game.

7. Warriors take DeJuan Blair.

The Warriors need whatever big men they can get, and to get a manchild in the post wouldn't hurt. His rebounding, offense, and defense, would help our rebounding deficit.

8. Knicks take Ty Lawson.

The perfect fit for D'antoni's system. Already a great player, sitting behind Billups. If he were starting, he may have won ROY. No hyperbole on that.

9. Raptors take Jordan Hill.

Raptors need a physical big man who defend, and rebound outside of Bosh, and this young fella has produced in his minutes. Not sure why D'Antoni didn't play him more, but he's showing what potential he has.

10. Bucks take Brandon Jennings.

While Jennings hasn't been the most effective offensive player, he has shown he can play for Scott Skiles, and play good defense, while not turning over the ball. The Bucks need offense and if Jennings is hot (rarely however), he can carry the team.

11. Nets take DeMar Derozan.

Nets need stars and Derozan has star potential. He hasn't shown much so far but the promise is there.

..... will finish/edit rest of lottery based on your feedback and opinion's. Thanks again. GSC.

This FanPost is a submission from a member of the mighty Golden State of Mind community. While we're all here to throw up that W, these words do not necessarily reflect the views of the GSoM Crew. Still, chances are the preceding post is Unstoppable Baby!

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