Why Curry is and will always be better than Evans





The NBA has two incredible rookies.They both held themselves in very high company. They both play at very high levels. They both dominated the league, as rookies.


The votes were close. Had the Warriors' PR gone to work early, as did the Kings' PR, Curry could have won, or the vote could have been delayed even longer than 17 days.

But going to work early will always win you something.

Isn't that right, Zach Harper?

However, one rookie stands alone as the one with the best game and the best future.

There are three major reasons Curry will always be better:

Charisma/Team involvement:

For Kings fans, who couldn't care less about Evans sharing the ball, etc. Seem to blindfold themselves from the fact that the way Evans plays resembles that of a well-known Monta Ellis. Look for your shot, and if you can't, pass it as a last resort.

I don't know what league you play in, but that's sure as hell not a point guard.

Evans plays point guard much of the time and thus has a decent assist ratio, but that masks his major weakness as a playmaker: He thinks sequentially. As in, "First, I’ll look for my shot; only when I am cut off, I’ll look to see what’s going on around me." As a result he might be one of the most frustrating teammates in the league.
He’s one of a handful of players with a TS% under 53 and a usage rate above 25, but the visual is what really puts him over the top — the idea of involving people just for the sake of their participation in the offense seems completely foreign to him. Too many times he’s passing only as a last resort.

If that Hollinger quote doesn't point something big out, there is something wrong with your eyes.

I think, if the Kings get a true PG, or even Monta Ellis- Evans' apg would go way down. He is, really the only legit distributor other than the 'improved' role player, Beno Udrih.

In short, your job while playing with Evans is to stand and watch as he makes his move, and if you get the ball, hurray for you.

Playing with Curry seems extremely fun and that is something you could never say about Evans.

This will benefit the Warriors in the long run.


Evans has the potential to the be an excellent defender, and while Curry tries hard to rub away the no-D label, that's not what I'm talking about. Curry will be the better player, simply because of the way he is guarded.

While the stereotype is that ROY's go on to be better than their competition, this one is going to be an exception.

Why can Curry drop multiple outs of 30/10 games?

Why can't Evans do that?

It's simple. Curry will always be the better scorer and passer, because of the way he is guarded.

While Evans' fans may brag about him being a tough matchup for opposing defenders, that will always be his poison.

Just because of the fact that Curry is guarded for his passes first.

Great players guarded for their pass:

Magic Johnson, Lebron James, Steve Nash, Larry Bird (sometimes), etc.

Great players guarded for their shots:

Carmelo Anthony, Brandon Roy, Bernard King, Dominique Wilkins, Kevin Durant, etc.

As you can clearly see, playing the pass benefits your team as a defender. Sure, scorers are dominant. MJ was a scorer, but I really can't put him in either category. MJ loved to pass, MJ loved to score. You could guard him for either one, and he sometimes played like you were guarding him for the pass.



 While many believe Evans has the better upside because of his massive body, go-go gadget wingspan, and his lack of a shot, i beg to differ.

One- Curry has the better work ethic. You cannot convince me any rookie has a better work ethic than the guy that averaged 13ppg his first month and 26ppg his last, hands down.

Two- Curry has his craftiness. How many players have the ability to create moves on the go, and not just any moves, but moves that you cannot guard, with a 6-3 wirey frame? Only Curry.

Three- His improvement and the way he can pick up moves from others really reflects what I saw in Larry Bird and what I have seen in Kobe. Curry also has this. It was most apparent the last game of the season, when Curry pulled a Monta Ellis move on Patty Mills, and the rest of the Blazers. [1:50]

It is for that alone, that I think that for not-the-first-time in NBA history, the Rookie of the Year won't be better than the runner up.

And, in my opinion, he'll be the best player to come out of this phenomenal draft class.

This FanPost is a submission from a member of the mighty Golden State of Mind community. While we're all here to throw up that W, these words do not necessarily reflect the views of the GSoM Crew. Still, chances are the preceding post is Unstoppable Baby!

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