NBA Playoffs Day 14: Atlanta Hawks @ Milwaukee Bucks, Los Angeles Lakers @ Oklahoma City Thunder, and Denver Nuggets @ Utah Jazz


(Which David will succeed over Goliath today?)

With the exception of the Dallas Mavericks versus San Antonio Spurs, this first round has been full of intriguing story lines and subplots.  Whether it is ex-Golden State Warriors making headlines for all the right reasons for once (Jason Richardson and Jamal Crawford) or potential upstarts like Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook trying to topple the NBA royalty which Kobe is king (sorry Lebron), this first round has been long on the excitement.  What can we expect tonight?

What story line would you rather see tonight?

Hawks @ Bucks, 4:00pm PST/7:00pm EST


(don't let it's green sweater fool you.  it's really a bullet-proof vest, made of teflon and cashmere)

Is it me or is this Milwaukee Bucks team as fun to root for as say the "We Believe" Warriors?  From the cute, yet hilarious "Fear the Deer" slogan to their rookie point guard leading a rag-tag team of castaways and forgotten-abouts (Carlos Delfino, Luke Ridenour, etc.), this similarities are just too eerie.  The Bucks point guard is from the LA area.  Baron Davis grew up in the LA Area.  Both were tagged with having a certain swagger, borderline cocky-iness that could be both electrifying on the court and possibly self-destructive. 

But anyway, this series is like a feel good story of David versus Goliath, a narrative convention that we all have grown to love and accept as news-worthy sports.  Heck, it's how Disney stays in business with their cliché plot lines when it comes to college sports movies.  Heck, the Bucks already got the black-white racial tension (Andrew Bogut's comments about black basketball players from a few years back) of flicks like Glory Road.  Someone write this movie!  I guarantee it will be better than this one.

Lakers @ Thunder 6:30pm PST/9:30pm EST


(imagine them shooting this into the stands during games like those people handing out pizzas from Amici's)

Will the Oklahoma City Sonic-burgers take the Los Angeles Lakers?  And if they do, is this really a subplot by the Sonic Burger joint for global recognition?

Sonic, Drive-in is not a part-owner of the Oklahoma City Thunder...but could you see how they MIGHT be in the future?  With the rise in Sonic Drive-ins popping up, finally, as visible evidence of the need for the growing numbers of commercials the last few years when there was no Sonic Drive-ins within at least 75 miles, is this possible proof that Sonic, Drive-in is tethering it's hopes to compete in the fast food market to the Thunder's space ship, whose popularity is nearing some crazy stratospheric heights. 

Think about it, we began seeing a bunch more Sonic commercials in the last few years.  At the same time, we also saw a relatively successful WEST COAST basketball team relocate to what I would describe as the middle of nowhere (or everywhere if you live in those parts).  Something tells me this is more than a coincidence.  McDonalds, better watch your back.

Nuggets @ Jazz 7:00pm PST/10:00pm EST


(the future of the NBA?)

My dad said this yesterday:

"Deron Williams is better than Chris Paul."

If Williams can get the Jazz to the second round, I am officially anointing Williams the best pg in the NBA.  Heck, best pg in the GALAXY!  If there are/were Aliens playing basketball in our galaxy or some alien Yao Ming, like 8 feet tall with incredible wing span, do you think David Stern will develop an NBA cares program that would send basketball players intra-galactically to other planets/places?  In hopes of finding the next biggest commodity to sell to the fans?

Who do you want to win their series?  And would you let Aliens play ball in the NBA if they were phenomenally skilled?

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