UPDATE 5/25: Well Folks, We actually did it! Thank you to all of you who donated! We received a $100 donation @ the end that put us over the top! I was amazed this morning to see our total stands at over $578!

I was in touch w/ the Arizona Republic yesterday, however the woman who I dealt with was saying that the price was different than the gentleman I had spoken to originally. He is back from vacation today however and I'll be speaking with him shortly, hopefully.  Either way, I'll get our Ad over to them, and they say it takes 2 days to run it. So we should get it in there in time for the NEXT game, not tonight unfortunately.  

It will read...

We Still Believe in J-Rich

There are players that play for the money,

There are players that play for the game,

Congratulations on your season and success with the Suns,

You have ALWAYS been a true Warrior on the court.

From your Golden State friends and fans at...

Golden State of mind



What do you guys think? And I have a question for the MODS, do you mind if I over lay this on the GSOM logo on the upper right hand corner? I've got it already layed out on a Word Doc if you want me to email it to one of you to check it out? Let me know ASAP, so I can get in touch w/ AZ Republic.


UPDATE 5/24: Suns helped our cause out w/ a win over the weekend. We stand @ $392!  We've done a great job and are extremely close to the 4x4 Ad.  I need to ask everyone to please keep mentioning the donations to any Warrior fans out there, also, if you are able to donate a bit more, please do so. At this point, I'm looking to add more than the amount I had originally planned if only we can get a bit closer. 









UPDATE 5/20: Well, we're getting close guys! We're at $333.75! Unfortunately, since the Suns lost yesterday, their time in the playoffs seems to be winding down a bit, and the discounted rate was for while they were in! So lets keep pushing this! We're very close at this point! 

UPDATE 5/17: So we've hit a bit of a wall, we received 2 donations Saturday, and 2 donations on Sunday. With a grand total of 26 donations, we're WAY short of the 200+ people who voted that they'd be willing to donate.  We're just about @ $250, 1/2 way there to the 4x4 inch ad! Seems we'll have to extend the collection time a bit in order to get this done.

















UPDATE 5/15: So pay pal charged about $0.45 per transaction of $5.00, roughly hitting our total a bit, out current total is $200 not including my portion of course. So roughly $260. Please ask any Warrior fans you know if they'd be willing to donate as we're going to need as many people as possible to reach the goal of $560 for the 4x4 ad! Thank you to all of you that have contributed thus far!

EDIT: I've set up the Pay Pal account HERE.   Whatever you can donate would be appreciated, lets try to keep it to a $5 minimum, but if you can do more please do so as we will be cutting it close for a standard ad size.  

















Please note that NO funds will be wasted, We'll get the largest Ad possible, and any extra money earned I will donate to the American Red Cross! Thank you! Lets try and make this thing work! We're the best fans in the NBA! Lets show this! 


Ok, in speaking to my boy the other night, we were talking about all the current Warriors who were/are in the playoffs(Nice post by the way). And of course J-Rich is the undoubted Warriors fan favorite.  How couldn't you be after the "We Believe" run, and the heart he showed as he (and others) took out apology ad  to fans back in '06 after another disappointing season? 

This gave me a bit of an idea...hit the jump


Now this add was nothing that was put up by the front office, it was simply J-Rich and others thanking the fans for their support and apologizing for not coming through that year.  

Since then I think I've posted a few times how it'd be nice for someone to post an ad thanking him in return. I think this year more than ever, would be a GREAT opportunity to post an ad, however small, in congratulating him on his success, however far he gets in the remaining playoffs.  

The guy has had his problems off the court, but in time when I really don't think Athletes should be considered role models, his professionalism on the court and dedications to his fans and supports is admirable. 

Now, I've looked into a few newspapers, I've placed some calls into the Arizona Republic and am waiting for a call back. I explained to them that I'll be looking at smaller ads as I unfortunately don't have the $100k to dish out like they did back then.  Even something small like a "celebratory ad" which announces weddings and celebrations would be nice as long as it's run in the Phoenix area.

I'm not sure if GSoM could get involved since collecting money is a tough issue for some folks. But what do you guys think? Would there be an interest in getting together and placing an Ad? Any mods from GSoM know if this is feasible?  If not, I don't mind, I'm still going to look into it w/ a buddy of mine and see if we can't get something going, and get a few donations from friends.  

Hopefully Phoenix and Orlando can keep showcasing our old fan favorites! 

This FanPost is a submission from a member of the mighty Golden State of Mind community. While we're all here to throw up that W, these words do not necessarily reflect the views of the GSoM Crew. Still, chances are the preceding post is Unstoppable Baby!

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