Where the Warriors Stand

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How I see the draft shaping up is like this.


  1. John Wall

  2. Evan Turner

  3. DeMarcus Cousins

  4. Derrick Favors

  5. Wesley Johnson


I would be thrilled if Johnson, Favors or Cousins drops to the Warriors and if that happens the Warriors would have to draft that player. I would especially be thrilled to get Favors or Johnson, Turner and Wall are completely our of our range.


Now lets discuss options, if one of my stated top five does not fall into our hands.


  1. Trade Up: I don't even know why I just typed that, this is literally an impossibility unless we give up Curry.

  2. Trade our pick: We could package our fairly high pick in an effort to get rid of Maggette's contract, or get a good center or power forward for Ellis.

  3. The Draft Choices:


Al-Farouq Aminu: Has the hieght to be a true SF in the league, it has been told that he has the athleticism to be a truly elite player in the league. Aminu is a project he is only 19. Some of Aminu's college statistics are a bit troubling. His FG% is only at .447. He seems to not be a good jump shooter or 3pt shooter. In college he depends on mismatches, which would not happen as much in the NBA. Aminu only averages 1.3 assists per game but turns the ball over 3.2 times a game. Scouts praise Aminu for his work ethic and claim that he can defend well. The Warriors could use a defense minded player but I think that the turnovers, lack of passing and poor jump shot make him more of a liability. I personally would avoid Aminu if I were the Warriors. This is not to say that Aminu won't be good someday he just isn't going to have an immediate impact on the Warriors.


Cole Aldrich: I actually like Aldrich. He seems to be a safe pick for the Warriors. He can defend the low post can block shots and can rebound. He is also a good pick and roll player. All of these things are abilities the Warriors need. The main problem with Aldrich is that he seems to be a limited offensive player, who will not get much better than he is. I would be surprised if Aldrich ever is anything more than a role player. He would be a valuable player on the Warriors but won't win rookie of the year and probably will have no chance of ever even making an all-star game.


Ekpe Udoh: Udoh doesn't have the size or the defensive ability that Aldrich has but he is more versatile on the offensive end. Udoh is a good passer for his position, something the Warriors could really use. In college Udoh was extremely active on the offensive rebounding arena grabbing an impressive 3.6 rebounds per game in 35.1 minutes. Udoh was a more than adequate defender in college. Udoh isn't quite as effective as other big men in college having a 49% FG%, and although it is said that he has a good jumpshot, Udoh should avoid 3pt shots at all times. On the Warriors Udoh would probably play center, his versatility would benefit the Warriors tremendously, although he wouldn't be able to get as many defensive rebounds as Biedrins, he would be a more versatile player that would create for others as well as himself. It will be interesting to see how well Udoh does when he is invited to workouts.


Greg Monroe: I have no clue as to why Monroe has been listed so low on the draft boards. Monroe Ekpe Udoh is a versatile scorer, but he is more effective. Monroe is an even better passer than Udoh, putting up an impressive 3.8 per game assists in college. Also though Monroe really doesn't have a good jump shot and his post game isn't perfect, he can create shots for himself off the dribble. Monroe also has shown good defensive awareness something most 19 year old players don't show. When I see Monroe I see a player who could help the Warriors immediately and could make an even bigger impact in a few years.


Ed Davis: Davis is 6'9” and 215 pounds although people say he plays “much bigger than he is.” Davis is an efficient scorer. The good thing about Davis from the perspective of the Warriors is his ability to run the floor. Another good aspect of Davis's game is that he is very capable of catching passes inside and finishing when he has position underneath the rim. Davis is only 19 and would be a risk, if he develops more scoring tools and gains some weight he would be a very useful player. Davis's scouting report reminds me of a less refined Brandon Wright. We already have Brandon Wright and I hear he may have gained some weight yet has lost much of his offensive and defensive ability due to being constantly injured.


Patrick Patterson: Patterson is 21 years old and for some reason people ignore him. Patterson is an outstandingly efficient player. Patterson is staying in school to finish off his degree, I always like players who do that. Also Patterson plays smart, he knew his role in college and although he never tried to do too much, he has shown an incredible repertoire. He has a good jump shot all the way up to the 3pt line. Patterson also seems to carry his good basketball IQ over to the defensive end, causing problems for undersized forwards. Patterson is remarkably non turnover prone, which would be great for a Warriors team who seems to thrive at turning the ball over. Patterson's weak points are his size, at 6'8” 223 Patterson is small for a power forward in the NBA. Patterson also has not been a great rebounder at the college level which is not very good for the Warriors


Final Verdict: Greg Monroe seems like the best mix of talent and ability. Patterson would probably help the Warriors the most immediately. I personally would draft Monroe, but I would be happy with Patterson, Udoh or even Aldrich. I would simply want to avoid Aminu or Davis.


Trade Options: What all these possibilities have in common is that they are all either PF/C in the for the Golden State System. Therefor out trade block could include, Biedrins, Turiaf, Randolph and Wright. It is possible that our draft pick could make it possible for us to Unload Maggette's contract and actually get something in return (like a suitable point forward.) Lets imagine that Randolph is traded with Maggette and we draft Greg Monroe. This is what our starting lineup would look like.


Curry, Watson

Ellis, Williams, Morrow

(Suitable Point Forward), Azubuike

Monroe, Wright, Tolliver?

Biedrins, Turiaf


The sad thing is that I have no idea if that lineup would be any better than the one we had last year or the year before. Without a top four pick it looks like the Warriors will have to do more to shake up the roster if they want avoid a return to the lottery. Also if you trade Randolph and replace him with Monroe or an equivalent draft pick it is spurious to believe that the draft pick will have any more upside or be anymore effective than Randolph, who himself is still young enough to be a draft pick.


This situation is perilous and I really do think that the Warriors need to shake up their roster this off season. There is something horribly wrong with any team that plays worse with its highest payed players in the lineup.


Ellis needs to be willing to take a backseat to Curry at the point and play off the ball. Maggette is efficient but he kills ball movement and the mixture of Maggette and Don Nelson creates the oportunity to play Maggette as a PF we cannot give Don Nelson that opportunity. Maggette would be great on a team that plays a half court offense and needs an efficient scorer, this is not the Warriors. Biedrins needs to come back completely healthy and ready to be as good as he was before last year or else he becomes a liability.


The Warriors can come back next year better than last year but that will require improvement not just through new talent but it will have to come from improvement in the talent we have. Getting the No. 6 pick does seem like a slap in the face, considering the Wizards got the No. 1 pick(a team we won a coin toss against for position.) But the No. 6 pick if we just stick with the talent we have, trade players when appropriate and draft appropriately we will be in a good place, sadly it looks like the 8th seed in the playoffs might be too much to ask for 2010-2011, although it is not completely out of reach if we have healthy team that lives up to the talent we have seen them have in glimpses.

This FanPost is a submission from a member of the mighty Golden State of Mind community. While we're all here to throw up that W, these words do not necessarily reflect the views of the GSoM Crew. Still, chances are the preceding post is Unstoppable Baby!

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