With the 35th pick in the 2010 NBA draft...

Can we look for contribution from the 2nd round? A look at the best 2nd round prospects:

PF/C Gani Lawal:

Arguably one of the best hardhat players in the draft, Lawal and Favors made for a pretty good two-headed beast down low, although they were virtually the same player in that they both play the same style. Lawal and Favors have the same weaknesses, making it look even worse than it actually was.

In short, Lawal is a smaller Favors.

The Measurements are in:

Height w/o Shoes Height w/shoes Weight Wingspan Standing Reach Body Fat No Step Vert Max Vert Bench Press Lane Agility 3/4 Court Sprint
6' 7.75" 6' 9" 229 7' 0" 8' 10" 7.2 30.0 34.5 17 11.93 3.34


Lawal isn't as athletic as Favors, and definitely as versatile. However, he was a great compliment to Favors.


He would be great addition next to our skinny developing bigs. Even though he saw significantly less time, his presence on the court made a big difference.

Sporting an excellent physical profile highlighted by a 7’0 wingspan, Lawal has always been lauded for his athleticism and tremendous work ethic. While those two attributes have afforded him quite a bit of success on the NCAA level, Lawal’s post footwork, jump shooting, and passing lagged behind his ability to impose his will on lesser athletes in the paint.

Lawal may seem raw for now, but make no mistake- he has a big upside and could potentially be the steal of the draft.

SF/SG Jordan Crawford:

Crawford is one of the most underrated prospects in this draft.

His measuremeants are not in yet. (6-4, 195)

Crawford is the type of player to be ineffective with fewer shots but be very effective if he had a lot of shots to take. Think a smaller version of Micheal Beasley that can play the 2 or the 1.

This is not to say that Crawford looked like he could be a role player at the next level, which is his likely fate. In fact, the contrary was true. Crawford struggled with fewer touches and his frustration was visible, at times. He was unable to get into any sort of rhythm until he took it upon himself to bring Xavier to victory by relentlessly attacking the basket.

Make no mistake- very few players can push the ball through the defense and go to the rim at will. A prime example was Memphis star Tyreke Evans. Crawford is ball dominant, and he's certainly not as big as Evans- however, he is a very good player.





PF Javaris Varnardo:

Varnardo is the leading shotblocker in NCAA history, and also arguably the greatest defensive player in college basketball history. He stays down, blocks shots a a very high rate, and could be the defensive-minded player the Warriors need.

The one big knock on Varnardo is that he is so undersized.

He measures at 6-9, and weighs in at 210. Apparently, Varnardo said he "Never lifted weights" at Mississippi State.

(The joke is that Brandan Wright and Anthony Randolph have been in the league for 2 years, yet only weigh a combined 445 lbs. (Randolph- 225; Wright-220).

REportedly, he has worked out over the last couple weeks, and has developed a pick and pop game, and according to coaches, is "much more polished" than he was originally.

Varnado had a tough match-up in the post going against Jerome Jordan, which led to some mixed results for his back-to-the-basket offense. Varnado showed nice agility and range on his moves, using a good variety of running hooks and turnaround jumpers, but at times Jordan’s length was just too smothering, not surprising given the 4 inches Varnado is giving up. This is a large reason while Varnado will likely have to move to the 4 in the pros, and the good agility he showed on his moves should help going against smaller defenders.

PF/C Artisom Parakhouski:

Parakhouski might seem like another European player, but he's not exactly a Donatas Motiejunas.

Measuring out at a decent 6-11, 260lbs, Parakhouski already has an NBA-ready body.

Parakhouski’s biggest strength remains his sheer size. He’s simply dominant around the basket on the college level, and his height and strength advantage is even more apparent in Big South play.

He's certainly not Shaq, but he definitely knows how to use his body, offensively.

Probably the best showcase of Parakhouski’s potential physical impact at the next level was his matchup against fellow prospect Cole Aldrich and the Jayhawks. Parakhouski was bothered by Aldrich’s length on a number of occasions, but saw success against him when he was able to establish deep position. On a number of possessions, Aldrich forced Parakhouski to be a finesse player[...] but not with any sort of efficiency.

His jumper is still raw:

His jump shot currently features a low release point and little in the way of rhythm- two things he’ll need to work on in the future. If Parakhouski can develop a go-to-move on the block, it will ease his transition to the NBA considerably.

Parakhouski has put himself firmly on the radar of NBA decision-makers with his play thus far this season –it is hard to ignore a player that ranks third in our database in PER, and has only been playing basketball for about five years now.

Obviously having a dominant upside, Parakhouski " has the strength to be a dominant defender", although I doubt he can be a great defensive force because of his lack of explosiveness.

C Jerome Jordan:

An extremely raw but physically talented big, Jordan is probably the definition of a project.

Regardless of what Jordan brings to the table in terms of skills, his physical profile makes him a prospect. Possessing outstanding size, a huge wingspan, and a slowly improving frame, Jordan has adequate athleticism and ample size for an NBA center. Though he could stand to add some weight to his frame and lacks a degree of fluidity in his movements, Jordan passes the look test and qualifies as an extremely rare commodity on the college basketball landscape. On top of that, he’s improved considerably from his freshman year.

His measurements are not yet in, but he is certainly a physical beast. Last measured at 7-0 and weighing in at 235lbs, Jordan needs some work on his body and certainly needs some time to develop. Jordan, being old for his class at 23, doesn't seem to have the kind of upside he could have. However, there is plenty of time for him to develop.

Perhaps the biggest strides Jordan has made lie in his offensive game. He continues to flash an array of drop-step moves, hooks, and even an occasional turnaround jump shot. Given his tremendous wingspan, Jordan has little trouble getting off shot from the post –something he’s had to do frequently this season since he doesn’t have a true point guard to create easy looks for him, and is often able to do so in impressive fashion. His awareness appears much better than it did in the past, though, as he’s doing a better job of passing out of double teams and is significantly less turnover prone than he was earlier on in his career.

Jordan has been developing more and more as his career has gone on, and it has definitely shown in his game.

[He has not been measured yet.]

PF/C Dexter Pittman: Having lost a tremendous amount of weight, Pittman is now one of many prospects in the NBA combine that scouts are taking seriously.

Pittman's basic measurements are at an insane 6-10 310lbs.

Pittman is one of the most offensively efficient players in the draft.

Oftentimes Pittman will bring the ball down before going up to score, needing to do so to generate the power necessary to elevate, and this holds him back from being as dominant as he could be, a scary thought when you consider he already is converting an outrageous 74% of his field goal attempts. He could probably still lose a little excess weight in his upper body and continue to develop his lower body explosiveness, and given the lengths he’s gone to over the past four seasons, this is probably something you can expect him to continue to improve.

Pittman still struggles as an athlete and in the transition game, although he seems to be doing fine in the NBA combine for now.

He doesn't have the athletiicism to play significantly good defense, but his progress is showing in a good way:

On the defensive end, Pittman’s improved physique is certainly showing up in one way, as Pittman’s blocked shots are up from 0.9 to 2.3 per game, something that is certainly helped by his improved ability to get off the floor. It’s still mostly the same story for the rest of his defense, as he does a good job defending power players in the post, using his strength and length to force them into tough shots, though he struggles against opponents who make good use of lateral maneuvers, not always possessing the quickness to stay in front of them.

Pittman is fairly old for his class, but his upside is unmistakable: he can be a very dominant player at the next level.


[His measurements have not yet been taken.]


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