My thoughts on the next GSW team...

I should start by saying that I am not convinced that we should use a roster spot for a 6th pick, unless Cousins or Johnson head our way. So I started thinking abot this some more and decided my thoughts were too long for a response in another thread and decided to create this.

The probable starting 5 as it stands for next year would be:


In addition the squad is likely to include - Maggette, Turiaf, Williams, Toliver, Watson, Morrow, Radman and Wright. Thats 13 probables for the squad leaving one spot open and also room to discuss trading a few players away to make room for others.

The question I am asking myself, is this: "If we did not specifically target the likes of Aminu or Monroe before we knew we would get the 6th we really want them now?"

Is it not better to use the pick, in combination with some trade pieces to actually get a player that will add some significant impact with hopefully lower risk, than players like Maggette or yet another rookie, who we picked simply because he was there??

We currently have more 'Yoof' than we need and what we REALLY need in my opinion, is some veteran experience in the big man position. Hell, I think I would even take Hunter over anyone after the 5th pick in the draft.

Randolph and Wright may do well, but when someone like Oden, Bynum, Griffin etc start to get on a roll, we will need someone that can go onto the court and illiminate that threat and that not only means size, it means NBA ready skills that  can deal with that situation. My ideal..... Dirk Nowitzki



I would therefore, personally prefer to trade our 6th pick away to try and get something decent in return, In an ideal world, a package of Maggette, Radman, the 6th pick and maybe one other (possibly Ellis), just might get us a very good player indeed. Now I am sure there are many reasons why we wont be able to attract someone like Dirk, but the fact that he is the perfect 'Big Man' for Nellieball, is why I use him as the target example. He has the experience, the size, the strength to be an ideal fit for the team, despite that the fact that he is getting older.

An alternative would be to try an get Carlos Boozer. I know many dont like him, but he is simply the type of player we need right now to combine with one of our young talents at the 4. At 28 he is also a bit less of a risk than Dirk, but he simply has the aggression and fire that I believe would make him a firm favourite at the Oracle.



In terms of our Guards, outside of any trades, I would expect to see:



I actually dont mind this group of 4 players at all and the continued development of Curry is going to deliver some truly superb ball handling next year IMHO.

Small Forward - Possibly one of the biggest question mark positions on our roster. We currently have:

Maggette, Buike and Williams. I believe one of these pieces has to go and as we know Williams has a contract for next year, it is between Buike and Maggette. While I love Maggette's hustle and effort and all round character, how long can he truly play at last seasons level? If he can be kept to 6th man duties then maybe we can make him last, if not, probably best to trade away. The issue being that Maggette, Buike and Williams are all good players, but none are exceptional/game changers. They can really do the business and provide fantastic support, but you never see a Wade/LeBron style performance from any of them....but is that a bad thing?

I would not be unhappy with all three remaining, but in an ideal world, I would perfer to try to offload Maggette's contract to a team that needs his instant offensive input at the 3 along with possibly another sweetner of 'potential' and the 6th pick or a mega trade including Maggette, Ellis or Biedrins, Radman and the 6th pick.

Power Forward - Again I think we possibly have too much of the same in Randolph, Tolliver and Wright and personally I think I would be prepared to see either Randolph or Wright go as part of a trade. I like Tolliver, he is a hard worker, makes superb effort on Defense and provides very useful offensive options. Again I would like to offload Radman and as I mention above, I believe that if we had the option to get a great player like Dirk at the 4 then we should look at such trades, as we truly do need someone with POWER and SIZE as an option at the 4, but I wouldnt sell the house the change our number 4 options.

Centre could well be worth using our 2nd round pick for...AND/OR... Bring Hunter back into the squad, thus keeping a young centre in the squad so that 'when' Biedrins and Turiaf get injured, we maybe have Hunter and the Rookie to play the centre role? Of course if we had Dirk, he can also cover the centre role quite nicely.

So for me..the key issues seem to be:

Is the 6th pick truly worth keeping?

Can we trade Maggette, Radman, the 6th pick and possibly another piece for an All-star calibre 4?

So in an ideal world I think my squad for next year would look like this;





Biedrins/Randolph - Supported by Turiaf (Yes I would play Randolph at the 5 for now, if we had Dirk)

With - Tolliver, Hunter/Rookie 2nd rounder, and possibly a player like Bell or even George as our final roster spot, depnding on trade options.

Certainly not an easy time for Larry Riley, as I believe no matter which way he goes, there will be someone, somewhere shouting that he has made the wrong choice!!

I also believe we may not get a new owner..... as I have suspected for a while, Cohan may simply not agree a price that is sensible and thus any sensible trade ideas may never happen anyway.... but it will certainly be an interesting summer!

This FanPost is a submission from a member of the mighty Golden State of Mind community. While we're all here to throw up that W, these words do not necessarily reflect the views of the GSoM Crew. Still, chances are the preceding post is Unstoppable Baby!

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