Another Crazy But Hopefully Reasonable Trade Idea


Long time reader, first time poster. 

I know that everyone has probably read more trade proposals and ideas than the number of times Cohan has made a dumb move, but I am curious what people think of this idea in terms of viability and whether the Warriors would even be interested in pursing a path like this.

First and foremost, we would have to see who the Warriors draft. If they draft a forward (such as Aminu), this entire following plan is pointless. Assuming that they draft either Monroe or Cousins on Thursday, this is what I believe would be the smartest off-season moves the Warriors should make before the summer league.

I think that, while Ellis and Biedrins should be traded, there is no need to drop them for salary dump ala Corey Maggette and Jamal Crawford. We should trade them for value that can help the team with defense and rebounding while the draft pick would solidify our low post issue.

First Trade: Golden State and Atlanta Hawks

Monta Ellis for Josh Childress (sign and trade) and Maurice Evans.

From what I watched in the Euroleague Final Four and ultimately the Finals vs Barcelona, Childress was essentially the best player on the team. With his 2009-2010 season averages of 15.2 pts, 4.8 reb, 1.9 asts, and 1.1 stls, the 6' 9'' small forward would be the perfect replacement for Corey Maggette who we all know was a black hole in our offense. Childress is extremely efficient with the ball, and the only downside to his play throughout the season was his high foul rate (3.2 fouls a game on average). However, with a ridiculously high salary next season ($20 million AFTER TAXES and taxes increasing in Greece) his team wants to get rid of him now, and Childress also might be looking to play in the NBA again (not for the Atlanta Hawks though). Being from the Bay Area, we probably have more appeal than any other team seeing as how he wants a true starting role instead of being left on the bench as a 6th man, which was the whole reason why he went to Europe. He would help our defense with rebounding AND offense with his efficient scoring, and we'd be able to get rid of Monta Ellis who, although deserves to be an All star, does not fit in our system which needs more ball movement and defense as opposed to just pure, relentless scoring in bunches. Evans would help balance out the salaries and would provide bench help in the very high possibility that wright or randolph gets injured. 

NOTE: Childress did not want to play for Atlanta because he had a reduced role. It would not make any sense to trade for him if the Warriors had any intention of playing him as a backup. He would just go back to Europe.

Atlanta would get another pure scorer to help replace Joe Johnson (who is definitely leaving) and possibly Mike Bibby (who might be leaving). Monta is probably the best replacement that Atlanta will get for Joe Johnson's scoring, and since Monta comes at a much cheaper price than Joe Johnson would, Atlanta can focus on getting a true center and other pieces to fill the holes they have. Monta would also be able to return to his 6th man role where he was most effective.

Second Trade: Golden State and Philadelphia

Andris Biedrins and Maurice Evans for Andre Iguodala

With Monta Ellis gone, we have a gap at SG, and I personally don't trust that Reggie Williams can handle the position by himself (even though he is a good player). Iguodala (2009-2010 season: 17.1 pts, 6.5 reb, 5.8 asts, 1.7 stls, 0.7 blks) would give us another sound defender to guard the bigger and better shooting guards of the NBA and would also provide rebounding (again, something the Warriors need help in) and passing, which would help set up Curry for easier shots instead of his having to dribble around just to find the shot. Iguodala also fits very well with the Warrior style offense because he is a fast player who loves to play in transition and get out on the break.

To fill the new hole at center (Spencer Hawes is not a center), Philadelphia gets Andris Biedrins who has more upside than Dalmebert, has a better attitude than Dalembert, and comes at a slightly cheaper price while performing the same role as Dalembert. Moreover, they receive Mauriece Evans, who would help with rebounding and back up for Speights and Brand, who I believe would play PF. Finally, they open up space for Evan Turner, who would not compete with Iguodala for controlling the ball and would come much cheaper with much greater upside than Philadelphia (not to mention, Philly's lineup with both would be Holiday, Turner, Iguodala, Young, and Hawes, which is even smaller than the Warriors). 

The new Warriors Lineup:

PG - Steph Curry

SG - Andre Iguodala

SF - Josh Childress

PF - Anthony Randolph

C - Monroe/Cousins (Cousins would probably be the better fit since Curry, Iguodala, and Randolph all move the ball quite well and Cousins would be the strong force inside that we need who also has range). 

6th Man - Reggie Williams

The Warriors would then not resign (drop) Anthony Tolliver, Chris Hunter, and Devean George.

The Warriors BACKUP lineup:

PG - CJ Watson

SG - Reggie Williams, Charlie Bell

SF - Anthony Morrow, Kelenna Azubuike

PF - Brandan Wright, Vladimir Radmonovic,

C - Ronny Turiaf, Dan Gadzuric

This would bring the roster to 14 players, and with the remaining space we could sign a veteran point guard to help back up Watson/Curry in case of injury. 

All the salaries match up, and at most we would be bringing on another few million dollars if Childress asks for more money (though I would cap the offer at $10 million) and the salary of the new backup PG. 

This would bring the final Warriors salary to about 57 million not including the veteran PG, and if Vladimir decides to opt out it would free up his $7 million salary. 

Now I'm not going to promise that this lineup will make us a true playoff contender after the first year since chemistry will need to be worked out with 3 new players. However, Iguodala and Childress provide veteran presence that our young team doesn't have right now, and I believe after 2 years this group will only improve. Moreover, Wright is supposedly 100% as well as almost every player (except Azubuike who is slowly recovering). I think people should be optimistic: there is no quick fix solution, but if we work out a long term idea such as this I believe the warriors will be playoff contenders. Moreover, the following year, Vladimir's contract expires as does Gadzurics, which frees up 14 million dollars (enough for a sign and trade with another team for a big name player). Include Azubuike (I assume we want to keep Williams who is cheap and Morrow who is promising), and we would have $17 million for the 2011-2012 season to spend as we please (though this money comes whether we make the trades or not, I feel the new roster would be more likely to attract a big name). 

We would have an All-Star PG, a sound defender, a promising SF, a all-star-possible PF, and an all star possible if not solid C. Now tell me that's not attractive to a free agent in one of the biggest markets in the US aka the Bay Area. 

So what do you guys think? Your Comments would be greatly appreciated. However, I would like it if people could give me constructive criticism. If this is bad, please explain why so I can understand basketball better.

(Excuse me if this post was long and tedious to read. I thought of putting up photos, but I'm more of a straight-to-the point person than a visual person)

UPDATE: On top of Monroe and Cousins, Favors is also a possibility at the 6th pick if Wesley Johnson is taken by the Nets, Cousins is taken by the Timberwolves, and Monroe is taken by the Kings. Favors would make this plan work out even better by putting in a strong, athletic center similar to Dwight Howard and Amare Stoudemire.

This FanPost is a submission from a member of the mighty Golden State of Mind community. While we're all here to throw up that W, these words do not necessarily reflect the views of the GSoM Crew. Still, chances are the preceding post is Unstoppable Baby!

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