This is who we're drafting and why! (predicted Curry last year)

So draft night is in a couple of days and I wanted to try and make a prediction on who we're drafting and why... I sorta called out last season on who we should draft and why and it pretty much turned out good so I'm hoping I can do the same again. I'm not saying that it's because of me that we drafted someone good but I kind of just want to give a little prediction of what were going to do. I think I have a pretty good grasp of how Riley, Nelly and the scouts think.  Sooo here's my prediction.

With the 6th pick in the 2010 NBA Draft, the Golden State Warriors select ---- Al-Farouq Aminu!!!

So why do I think Larry and company are picking Aminu?

1) We just traded away Corey Maggette - Even though on Rileys interview regarding the trade where he said they traded him because there was a logjam at the 3 spot and wanted to make room for Reggie and Morrow, we still need to get bigger and  tougher at the 3 spot and we don't know if Buikie will be at full strength or re-injure. I also believe Buikie is a free agent after next season so Aminu will have a full season to try and beat out Buikie.

2) We got a backup center in return in the trade - I don't know much about him but we now currently have 3 centers that would allow us to get into foul trouble. We don't need to draft a center anymore and we don't need to draft Monroe who is pretty much a clone of Turiaf. PF/C that can pass well and is kind of soft on the board? I don't think I've seen anyone give this comparison which is quite odd...

3) We are building around Curry - Aminu is a beast in transition that doesn't need the ball in his hands and is a perfect compliment to our small guards. What he lacks in shooting range he more than makes up for it in the paint. He is  6'9 in shoes with a 7'3 wingspan which is amazingly longer than Josh Smith's 7'0 wingspan. The guy is a beast on the boards and averaged about 10 rebounds a game and he is an outstanding defender according to draft sites. Curry needs to have the ball in his hands next season and if he has Aminu on the break it's going to be a dunk in someones face. He's an incredible finisher at the rim with his long wingspan and athleticism. Fast break with Monta, Aminu, and Randolph? Get out of the way please =)... 

4) We need more defense, more rebounding, and more size - These 3 things is what we all want. We already have the scorers, but it's never been about the scoring we've been bad it, it's the stuff that matters on the other side of the game - Defense. Aminu brings all of these 3 things. He's a very lengthy and athletic guy and has said that he sees himself as a SF more than a PF. His length, height, and athleticism will do wonders on the defensive end. He is a tremendous shotblocker and is also committed to playing de-fense. We need this guy to be alongside Curry and Monta period! His size and defensive presence is what will take us far someday!

5) Here's some random thoughts - He's pretty much a hybrid of Shawn Marion, Gerald Wallace, and Josh Smith and is only 19 years old! We already have 2 semi small shooters at the 3 spot in Morrow and Reggie, we need a true 3 that can bang/rebound/defend/block and DUNK on fools at the 3.

So in a nutshell? He is what the Warriors need and is the best pick for need available if the expected top 5 get picked in the top 5 (Wall, Turner, Johnson, Favors, Cousins) Let me know what you guys think! Here are some videos:

Riley on trade





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